Friday, 21 June 2013

HOW NOT TO: Respond Your Teacher

Hi there everyone! This weeks topic is How Not To:Respond Your Teacher. In this post, we are going to give situations that happen it daily life at school and give a respond to those situations in a way that you shouldn't use, or that's what we should say so you can't blame us -.- . Also, don't forget that you win the argument if your teacher wants you out of the class.
So our first situation comes:
(You whisper something to your friend, you both laugh.)
Teacher: Do you want to tell us what is so funny?

You actually don't want to tell her/him why, but you don't want to look stupid by saying you're sorry, so here comes another option to respond:

You: Umm... No. That's why I whispered.
Teacher:GET OUT!

And another one that Di actually lived.
(Di haven't done her homework and the teacher is mad.)
Teacher: Why didn't you do your homework?

Di could just lie, but she chose to drive our teacher nuts.

Di: I don't know.
Teacher: How can you not know?
Di: I just don't know. Maybe because I'm irresponsible.
Teacher:Why didn't you do your homework?
Di: I said I don't know.
Teacher: GET OUT!

And the last one is something Di, and one of our good friends, Mel been through:
(They laugh in the hallway when there are classes going on.)
Teacher:Are you aware of the fact that classes are going on?

They could just say "Yes, sorry." But of course no, they didn't.

Teacher:So, you know what you did was wrong and you still did that?
Di: Yes.
Teacher: So will it happen again?
Teacher: GET OUT!

So, as if you can see, there are ways to win the argument, mostly by just being honest. So if anybody asks you the main point of this post, you can easily say "Being honest." because we actually gave that main point too. Also you can say "Being honest never works." because our teacher was obsessed about Di after being honest -.- .
Catch up with you guys next week and don't forget, you can tell us about your opinions in the comments section below.

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