Friday, 7 June 2013

How To Fail At Meeting New People

      Hi everyone! We are Ce and Di and we are going to tell you about 
how to fail at meeting new people

          First of all, we are one of those people, who is shy so that they can't meet new people. Anyway, we always fail meeting people. All you have to do is to be ultra shy, than the rest will happen by itself.
1-Be shy
2-Mix the word to say
3- Deny that you were wrong
4- Blame other people
And there it is, you didn't just fail meeting people, you made them hate you. Good job everyone. 
      Here is an example from our lives:
A devastating story from Ce:
My mom: Can you get some hotdogs please?
Me: Sure mom.
(I go to a place where they sell both doughnuts and hotdogs.)
Me:(OMG how am I going to talk to her?) Can I have two doughnuts please?
(She gives me doughnuts, quiet interesting.)
Me:(OMG how am I going to say I made a mistake and I didn't actually wanted doughnuts, I wanted hotdogs?) Hey, I wamted hotdogs, I told you to give me two hotdogs. Why did you bring me doughnuts?
Employee: No Ms. You wanted two doughnuts and there they are.
Me: No, I didn't want doughnuts. I wanted hotdogs. If you don't bring me my hotdogs I will get you fired. It's all you fault.
         There you go people, she hated me for that and I failed at meeting people just like I always do.
         We'll catch you up next Friday with a brand new topic and it'll be amazing if you tell us about things you want to know in the comments section.

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