Friday, 14 June 2013

On Modesty

Hey again guys!
Wonder what we’ll be babbling about today? Oh, I’ll just tell you anyway.
the type of people who always want to be in the very front that i simply couldn’t name.
P.S.: Because Di had some very important stuff to so-or because she was being a lazy prick-Ce had written the last post. So this post is by Di. Like an apology. I’m telling this to you so you’ll understand it’s her when she uses “I”. Okay, moving on.
That was a long title. Yet familiar, isn’t it?
Oh yes it is.
Yeah, we all know that one person that always wants to be the one in the middle of a photo, the one in the best dress, the one that everybody likes, right? And you know if they do something good and someone compliments them, they will twaddle about it all day. They will simply just will not let you forget they’d done something good. Well, that’s probably the only good those kind of people would do ever in their lives. Because bragging about how they had done all the work, or how hard they’d tried in the name of doing something good won’t help anybody.
I personally know people like that; in fact, I see some every day. And I don’t have to go as far as the street across. I live with them. My family, gives people the impression that they had never in their lives heard of the word “modesty”. I mean, when I’m modest and all sometimes, when I don’t need people to say “Okay, wow. That’s amazing.”, my family comes straight in, telling me I should be signified and highlighted and flashed and on the top, and not say it wasn’t just me doing something and that I had my friends’ help. Nobody likes those people, right?
Of course no.
Or so I thought.
It wasn’t far from today I realised, in fact, everyone was like that, and the only modest person I’ve ever known was me and my father and few other people.
When given a compliment to a project, imagine, that was done with a group including me, I go all “Ah no. It’s got many [insert something negative and plural here]. And it’s not like I did all of this on my own” Even if I actually had done it all on my own.
But, the ugly truth is that nobody besides me does that. Maybe you do. I hope you do. You should do it. It’s good.
Try being modest sometime.
Until then (which means “until next Friday” and not until you try being modest), bye.

(See, I wrote this on my own but I put Ce’s name here too. She also did it in our last post. Because we’re a modest piece of... cake. Understood? Good.)

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