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           Hi everyone!
           Recently we decided to post things for people to feel better about themselves and our inspiration on this is Emma Blackery (check out her channel at
          This weeks topic is a trend hashtag, #YOLO. It stands for You Only Live Once, and it is so true. You only live once and you have to live in the way you want.Otherwise, you'll be miserable and you'll hate yourself. You deserve so much better than that.
           Why do you hate yourself? It is a question to be asked. Why do you hate yourself? Is it because people think you're ugly? Is it because you are overweight? Is it because you have bad teeth/body/disease?
          If people think you are ugly, then that's their problem because we don't believe in ugly people, we believe in people who do not take care of themselves. You are not ugly, you are beautiful in your own way and if people can't like you in the way you are, you should find people who will love you for who you are.
          If it is because you think you are 'fat', or people think you are 'fat'; being overweight is a problem that can be solved. For losing weight, you can see a nutritionist or be self-assured and do it on your own. Either way, you'll need confident and happiness so don't let mean people or bullies break your trust to yourself.
           If you have bad teeth, it has a solution too. You can go to a dentist and have very healthy teeth after some sessions. If you have bad body, you can go to a doctor and with some help, I'm sure you're going to have the body you want. If you have some bad disease, don't forget that it could have been worse, and don't forget that you're still alive. Don't let anybody break your hopes about healing because there are miracles but miracles only see happy and confident and vivacious people through.
          You can do anything you want with your life but the best thing to do is to be fine with what God gave you and don't forget that everything happens for a reason.
            Why are you still friends with those people who tries to break your hopes and your confidence?
is another question to be asked. Don't you worry my dears, there is an awful lot of questions to be asked. Moving on... Why do you let people to get to you and take you down? Why do you still call them friends? Because friends don't try to hurt each other. They care about each other and they help each other. Those people who break all of your hopes are not your friends. They are not any less than your enemies and they should get out of your life.
           We know people who say the truth about you are nice people and they care about you but there are ways to bring up the truth. Here are some examples:

Bad way:
-Your body is too ugly for that dress.
Good way:
-The dress you wore first looked better on you.
Bad way:
-Your teeth sucks.
Good way:
-Did your dentist offered any kind of treatment?
Bad way:
-You're fat, go see a nutritionist.
Good way:
-Why don't we go to a nutritionist together, it can be fun.
          Some people say your flaws in a nice way and that's because they care about you. Some people say your flaws in a terrible way and that's because they enjoy seeing you down. THEY DON'T DESERVE YOU, YOU DESERVE BETTER.
          Why do you keep people in your life when they make you miserable all the time?
It is the last question we'll be answering in this post. Why don't you just let them go? Are you scared that you won't have anyone if you let them go? Or did they make you believe you need them?
          If you're scared you'll be alone without them, you are already alone with them because they don't care about you. They don't make any difference in your life, except they give you a miserable life.
          If they made you believe you need them, you don't need them. You need real friends whom reaaly cares about you. We know it's not easy to find a real friend but it is better to be looking for a friend than not having a real friend.
         We hope we helped you even a little about realising things, like how important your life is. Don't forget, you really only live once.

          I hope we can catch up with you next week. Ce is going on a holiday so if Di is too busy, she might not post anything. Anyway, we'll try to unite 4th of July with our regular Friday Posts. Yes, we know the 4th is thursday, shut up. Thanks.

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