Friday, 26 July 2013

Dreams To Come True

             Hi everyone! This is our monthly post which we try to make all of you feel better. Hope it's helping.
            This months topic is dreams. We start dreaming when we first fall asleep and it continues until we die. The question is, how many of our dreams come true and how hard do we try to make our dreams come true?
              Many of our dreams come true, no need to deny. We see ourselves pathetic when we deny the dreams of our which came true and when we just think about the worst cases that have ever happened to us. Why don't all of you sit down and write down the good things happened to you in the last few days? Then put a star for every good thing that was/is your dream.
             If there is none, sit down and write your dreams. Then write ways to make your dream come true. These don't have to be realistic but it will be for your own good if there are few of them. Then look at them and put them in order and live to make them come true. It will be a lot of work but when you manage to do it, the satisfaction will be infinite. I know I sounded like your kindergarten teacher but this is the truth. I rejected they were right and when I was satisfied, I understood what they meant.
           Here is an example:
Dream: To Be A Good Blogger
Ways To Make My Dream Come True: Start a blog./Ask for a friend's help./ Get help from some really good bloggers. /Be patient and wait until they realise your passion.
Satisfaction: Waiting for the dream to come true.
           Now let's answer our second question: How hard do we try to make our dreams come true? Honestly, you don't try hard enough because there is no impossible with the right amount of work. Nobody said it was going to be easy but it will get easier if you work enough. I honestly don't think I've worked enough for my dreams and I know that if I do work, there is no impossible for me. The exams that we take in our schools are a very good example. Our dream is a good future and the only way for it is to study. I know I sounded like your teacher again but the more experience you get, the mote you understand their c*ap.
           Well, that's it for today. We'll be more than glad if you gave us any ideas about these monthly posts. You can ask for advice too. If you want to ask anything in private,
 our mail adress is: Don't worry. No one else but Ce or Di checks that mail account. You'll be free to tell anything.


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