Friday, 5 July 2013

Holiday or Vacation

             Hi everyone, yesterday was 4th of July, Independence Day. We hope everyone had a good time that day, in America or not. For example, Ce was on a plane, going to Berlin. She had a good time flying. Di was having a good time too, at her house. We think everyday is good if you are healthy, so be thankful( We know this is more of a message for Thanksgiving but it is a message for all the time so... It shouldn't be a problem.)
             So let's come to the real topic, Holiday or Vacation. As if you can understand, this weeks topic is about American or British English. All though our teachers at school used to say "Saying American ot British English is cruel, it's international English." we always wondered if it was a British saying, or American. We preferably use British English (If a British person is reading this, he/she already noticed lots of American usage and it's because our English teachers ALWAYS used American English and learning British English was up to us. Sorry for that.) because it sounds better and it is the first English.
             We all know that there won't be any official answer to this question (We hope you guys know too.) but personally it is vacation. Let me give some more examples.
Cookie or Biscuit
Cookie is American English, biscuit is British English so for us, it's biscuit.
Dustbin or Garbage Bag
Dustbin is British English, garbage bag is American English so for us, it's dustbin.
             Ce is on a vacation so this can't be any longer, let us know your decision in the comments section. Holiday or Vacation?
P.s: Happy Canada Day's Canadian people!

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