Friday, 19 July 2013

TOP 3: Worst Things

Hi people! This weeks post will be about the worst things in the entire world (it will be Ce&Di essentials, nothing official -.-)
So here it goes:

#3 Twilight Yes, we hate Twilight that much. It's just an opinion (it's a fact but we don't want to be sued or hated xD ) so you don't have to take it seriously (you must take it seriously but we don't want to be sued or hated xD )

#2 Being Wide Awake When You Should Be Sleeping/ Sleeping When You Should Be Wide Awake Sleeping in the lessons is terrible because some of our teachers have very interesting ways to wake up (like throwing chalks or biting- yes, they do that) Also, not sleeping in the bed and just staring at the ceiling is worse. I know desks are way more comfortable than beds so *million dollar idea alert* DESK BEDS!!!  Yes, it's our idea so if you use it, you will be sued (or not -.= --> this is someone who got one of his/her/it eyebrow burnt )

#1 Kick In The Nuts We don't have nuts but according to some experiments (Yes, we read these kinds of experiments =.=) it is equal pain to giving birth to 320 children at the same time. Well, we never gave birth either but it seems a lot. It is also equal pain to breaking all of your bones at the same time. Well, we never broke a bone either( Yes, we are boring pieces of cakes who haven't done anything fun) but it seems a lot. 

The message: Do not read Twilight. Wait for us to make an investment in Desk Beds and finnaly. The best of all: If a boy whom still has their nuts does something wrong, kick them in the nuts! (Yes, we are villain when it's about torture)

Catch up with you guys next week.
Or not.
        (Di is not the only one who can kid but Ce takes things more seriosly so she does not kid. Or she does. You'll never know!)

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