Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Hey guys, what's up? As I (I'm Di, btw.) mentioned down somewhere my internet went crackers and I'm trying to use my very-very-super-ultra-fast phone's internet right now. Yeah, sorry. Buuuuut here it goes:

Yep, you saw the title.
First of all, let’s get things straight; we are no pro, no published author, no editor. We’re just drunk people without a roof over our heads. Yet, we like writing. Because writing is good. And you, probably, too like writing.
Don’t worry, its something good.
But sometimes you feel like it’s not, right? Well, don’t quit writing just because you think all of that hard work -insert dramatic voice here- is bullshit. Because it’s not. Unless you’re Stephanie Meyer. (Please don’t hit me Twihards! >.<)
I’m assuming you’re not here. And if you are… please don’t sue me.
Well, here are (drumroll, please…)

le reasons you think
 your writing is bad:

Reason #1: (That’s number one, not hashtag one. (#YOLO))
Because you program yourself to always see the crap parts of your writing. A.k.a. being a perfectionist. We do it all the time. We’re like searching dictionaries for the perfect word, and trying to make the plot more interesting-which, eventually makes the story go crackers, and leads us to deleting the last four effing pages-and re-writing a sentence ten thousand times just to make sure it’s all pretty and well. It’s normal. Don’t worry. Take your medicine every night and it’ll pass.

Reason hashtag 2:
Because you’re not Charles Dickens. And (spoiler alert!) you never will be. Now go sit in a corner and let that sink in.
Jk. No one expects you to be him, man, just go write your usual crap.

Reason #3:
Because your characters and setting are haunting your dreams because you’ve spent too much time with them. Take a break. Like, go on holiday or something. Actually, go to Caribbean, meet Johnny Depp, and bring us a coconut when you come back, we wouldn’t mind it.
Sometimes your characters and your world gets too realistic-which is a good thing-when you spend too much time with them. Let them go for a while. You’ll love them again when you come back from Caribbean.
P.S.: We seriously wouldn’t mind a coconut. Actually, we wouldn’t mind Johnny Depp either.
Pro drunk person without roof over her head tip:
Add the main character an engaging feature, so he/she/it will become more… interesting? IDK, just… nevermind.

Yep. Those were three probable reasons why you are not deeply and truly thinking your writing-slash-story is okay. Because Di couldn’t think of more and Ce is on f*cking holiday.
Anyway, sorry for the lateness of the post if you are even aware that we actually regularly post on Fridays (yeah, I know Ce *kinda* covered it but, come on who are we kidding, that's not a post.); Di’s internet went wild and Ce was on f*cking holiday. =.= (<-- that, my friend, is a variant of the fallowing face that teenagers use in messaging and/or social media stuff websites: -.-)
Hahah, jk.


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