Friday, 30 August 2013


See? Cake! Yummy! Cut it. (and eat it)
Hey everyone! This month, our topic is going to be #CutCakeNotWrists which is an actual hashtag so check it out! And this will be the last post of this monthly series. We might start again after a while.
Well, first of all, I'll start with a classic word: Nothing worths dying and I know your teachers/ theraphist/ parents/friends say the same but it is true. If even people with cancer keeps on trying, then you don't have a reason to be dead. Believe it or not, sometimes I feel that way. I feel like nobody would even care if I die but then I think about all those people I love. My family, my friends, even my teachers would feel sorry if I died. Then I realise I have no reason to be dead. And actually I have many reasons to be alive.
Last month, I made you write your dreams down, this months write reasons you want to be alive for. For example, I am alive for my TV seires. I enjoy watching them a lot. I live for the movies/books I am waiting for. These may seem small but they mean a lot to me.
Don't think we are nerds with no friends. We also live for each other and our other friends but we spend most of our time talking about an upcoming book, movie or a new episode. (We are not nerds, just FANGIRLS)
If you think you have no one to hold on to, than think about everyone around you. How they treat you. You'll realise many people treat you well. That's not because of pity. Nobody treats no one nice because of pity. It's because they care about you. Don't lose them. Hold on to them.
Funny story about Ce. When she met Di, her best friend on the entire f*cking world, she was feeling lonely. She just got out of a fight with her other best friend (Don't worry, they fixed things too.) and decided not to talk for a while. She was alone, sitting in the class talking with some class mates and Di joined them. After a while (We still don't know how, magic?) they became BFF's. So if you don't have anyone right now, doesn't mean you won't have anyone in the future. But it means you HAVE GOT TO LIVE TO HAVE A FUTURE. Don't take the life God gave to you. You only get one chance and if you use it by killing youself, your soul will be bodiless forever.
And now, it's time to lighten up the mood: Cake has sugar in it. Sugar is a very good antidepressant. If you cut a cake and eat it, you won't have the need to cut your wrists. That why it's #CutCakeNotWrists and not #CutBoiledEggNotWrists .
And that's how we lose it.

Catch up with you guys next week!
P.S: Sorry if this post was a bit late but usually Ce publishes our drafts every Friday and these days, she is extra busy. So it had to be in the middle of the night. Hope you can forgive...


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