Friday, 2 August 2013


Hi everyone! (God why does all of our posts start with "Hi!", I mean it's lame!?) This weeks topic is: Dumb Ways To... I am going to write about some silly stuff so *spoiler alert* it is gonna be awesome!
      #1 Dumb Ways to Die

It actually is very simple.
Step 1: Cut your throat.
Step 2: There is no step 2.
      #2 Dumb Ways to Kill Your Pet Goldfish
Step 1: Stop feeding them.
Step 2: Wait for a week.
Step 3: There is no step 3.
      #3 Dumb Ways to Get Killed
Step 1: Go to a Real Madrid bleacher with F.C Barcelona jersey.
Step 2: There is no step 2.

Well, I know this was a bit of sadist but these are proved facts xD.
     So do not cut your throat. Nothing worths dying(Let's not turn this into one of our monthly God-knows-what-to-call-it-posts but you got the message ;) ) 
    If you have a goldfish and if you want them to stay alive, don't forget to feed them because Ce forgot to feed hers and she regrets it. She loved that goldfish when it was alive.
     If you are going to a football game, be careful about getting into the right bleacher. Other wise, you'll be dead.

Enough for one week, we don't want to show how sadist we are in only one post. Maybe we'll post about us being  masochists in the future, because we are masochist too- at least Ce is. And Di has the obsession of jabbing her nails to her hand whenever she gets mad. And writing stuff on her skin with pencils. Well, conclusion: We are masochists. (We're not confirmed masochists yet, shhhh, don't tell anyone or they'll find us!)

See ya' next week.


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