Friday, 16 August 2013


Hi everyone, I told you this weeks post might be about masochism and I decided to keep my word.
So, I am going to tell stories when I seriously started to think we are really masochists.

STORY #1: This is a Ce story. It might look simpl
e unless you are as obsessed as I am.
Well, this all started a few weeks ago, when I was in Germany and had a lot of time to read. I finished the Mockingjay there. *spoiler alert* Peeta never turned back to normal and Prim died *end of spoiler alert* so I was pretty depressed. I decided to watch the Hunger Games movie one more time so I will feel better-I felt worse.
After a few times of me watching The Hunger Game, I realised I was torchuring myself.
Now, normal human-beings would stop torchuring theriselves, right?


I spent two weeks watching the movie, listening to Safe&Sound and Eyes Open, surfing the web for finding pictures and watching the trailers 555555555555555555555 times. I also watched the SDCC Catching Fire Panel 2 f*cking times.


STORY #2 This is a Di story. It might look simple from anyone elses point of view but Ce was there, SHE COULD'VE KILLED HERSELF BECAUSE SHE WAS THAT ANGRY.
Well, it was something about exams and how we were not studying hard enough, like we gave a shit (Di didn't, anyway (She still doesn't; shh! Don't tell!) ), and all the other stupid shit that the Vice Principle whatsoever gave a speech about. And Di's not the biggest fan of the guy. So, Di got nuts. She was so mad about the stupid speech that she nailed herself(literally).


Well, if you haven't already had hated us, then we'll catch up with you guys next week with another HOW TO.

See ya'll later!


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