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Hey there! This weeks post will be a little different but we are trying to find interesting things and this topic is something we wanted to do for a while. So here are...

Book Recommendatianz

I think it is clear that we are a bit nerdish and we read a lot of books. So there are quiet a few books that we are obsessed about. We hope it will help you understand our taste of books. We would really be happy if you recommended anything.
Let's get started.
(This is not in order. It is not a count down or anything of that kind.)
It is one of the best books-slash-series we've ever read. We both read the books several times, watched the movie thousands of times. It is a story of bravery, pain, love, danger and mostly it gives us two very important messages: Our children getting punished is worse than getting punished ourselves and you can do anything for people you love.
Honestly, Ce went mad when the Mockingjay was over. It didn't end the way she was expecting so she was really sad. Di went so mad when * spoiler * Finnick died *end of spoiler* she gave reading the book a break. It was very impressing and it made both of us cry several times. Now, all we can do is to wait for the movies. So, we really recommend this book. You should read it even if you watched it. It honestly makes difference. HUUUUGGGEEE difference.


This is a perfect book series. We are waiting for the 3rd book, crazily. You must read it.
Some people think this is a fake Hunger Games story, but to us, the only things similar are that they're YA fiction/dystopian novels and that both Tris and Katniss is 16. And Katniss isn't even sixteen in all of the books. And the atmosphere is ALL different. Don't get it? Try comparing a dystopian Chicago to District 12. This is also a story of love, bravery, pain and danger but this is a completely different thing. This is the story of a young girl who has to make a choice between herself and her family. She chooses herself and everything goes wrong afterwards. The only good thing is: She falls in love. If you are looking for a love story, but you do not want it so be soggy, this is your book. Even if you don't like romantic books, this is everything you can ask for. It's not OMG-I-love-him love, it's action-new place-WTF am I gonna do love. Science-fiction, an amazing dystopia, love, adventure... You just have to read it. Di and Ce, both are waiting for the movie and the newest book: Allegiant.


These are the new *cough*third!*cough* covers...
this is the first/better cover.
Ce just finished reading it and she didn't sleep to finish it. It is a bit different than the others because this book is written from two point of views. Two point of views, who've been through it together. Which is, pretty much, awesome.
This book has a terrifying ending. It is exactly what you weren't expecting. Di read the second book too and now we are waiting for the third book. But you really must read them before the third ones comes out this November. It's ending is very engaging. Ce, thought about it for hours after she finished it. It is a totally claustrophobic, terrifying, oh my God what the hell sort of thriller and it also includes love. And a spaceship. It should be on your To-Read list.


Ce is currently reading it and even the beginning is engaging. It is the story of a girl trying to help her brother, Tyler. It also includes bravery, just like the rest. Yeah, we love brave folks.
Anyway, while she is trying to find money, she finds a job. She rents her body to Enders, who are old (not 50-60 kinda old) people who were left after a biological war along with the young (not 25 or 30-40 kinda young) people, and that's when it all happens. She finds herself in the middle of a crime and the rest, well you should read to find it out. It is an amazing book, and it's Di approved. Di's taste of books is amazing. (She swears she didn't write this line.)
BTW, Enders will be out in 2014 so you still have a load time to read Starters before it comes out!


This book is a teenager book, and it is a very sad story. If you haven't heard of this book, ever, then you live in a cave. There will be a movie out in 2014-2015 and we are waiting for it with our tears.
This book is the story of two lovers, one have cancer, one had cancer. It is the story of them, fighting cancer together. Whatever...
Di read the book in one day and burst into tears. Ce read it like a week ago and she couldn't forget about it no matter what she did.
It has a tragic ending but their love is always there.

We know it's a little cheesy to say it but there are people in worse situations then you are so you really should be thankful.
We can't write about it anymore because if we do, we'll burst into tears again. We get all teary when we see the cover in a bookstore and try to not look, but the book's so amazing it's in every effing shelf so that doesn't really help.

This weeks post is done. If you enjoyed it, let us know (We assume you know how to reach us. We are almost every where in social media. Because we don't have anywhere else to be thank you very much.)  Maybe we can do the same thing about movies/bands/songs/TV series.

Catch up with all of you next week and thank you all for supporting our blog, by even looking at these things.

PS: Sorry, this was a bit late but as we said, WE ARE GETTING WAY TOO BUSY. Hope it won't happen again.


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