Saturday, 21 September 2013

HOW TO: Finish A Book And Still Stay Calm

Ok. Now, you all know we are nerds by now. So this post will be A LOT NERDY but we had to do it because we know there are people out there dying because of a shocking book ending. We are one of them. We have to tell them our ways of staying calm.

Such as...

Nobody said it will be easy so just do whatever we say.

It is going to be done with a few steps.
 STEP1: This an immediate action. Close the book and throw it away right away. It will help. Breathe heavily after throwing it.

STEP2: Right now, you should be breathing like s*it. Continue breathing but now, think about the last sentence. Think about what can happen after this.

STEP3: Write a scenario in your brain and pretend that it is the actual ending. Try to make yourself believe in it.

STEP4: Close your eyes and don't open them until you are calm.

This works on us. It is not easy to believe your ending is the ending and it is not easy to breathe after a shock. But this really works. It is also know as avoiding the world because if you start to talk to people right after you finish a book, you will hurt either ourself or people you talk to. It is proved. That is why, Ce finishes any book in the middle of the night so she can do these things.
And a weird thing, because Ce and Di are such great friends (weird talking from 3rd person when it's is our friendship we're talking about) they try to contact each other immediately after they finish a book to crazily fangirl about it. Try it. It works.

Catch up with u guys next week.


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