Friday, 6 September 2013


Hi there everyone! This weeks topic is about our most embarrassing moments and these are all too embarrassing that we needed guts to write them down. So please don't mock-Oh, believe me. You will mock after hearing them. At least all of our friends did.

First embarrassing moment is from Ce. It was when we were in Primary School. It was the 5th Grade. Ce and Di haven't had met yet - bad days... We are so much better together - and it was lunch time.
Well, there was this science teacher. Let's call her Se.
Ce was looking around to find some of her friends. Than, her eyes met Se's eyes.
And the rest is history: Se winked, Ce and smiled. Ce didn't know what to do because she was never winked before. So she decided to be stupid. She winked with her left eye. Than the right. Than the left again. And the right again. She didn't stop until Se gave her the stink eye. She has always been embarrassed about it ever since.

Second embarrassing moment is from Di. This was when she was younger and it might look normal at first, but it isn't.
It was when Di was in kirdergarten.
Di needed to pee. But she was too scared to go to the bathroom alone.
A kidergarten student.
Scared to go to bathroom alone.
So she decided not to go. BTW, to keep on track with the story, she was wearing her favourite jeans that day. And her favourite belt.
And guess what, she peed herself.

And it might look normal but it wasn't just a kid who can't controll her bladder. It is a kid scared to go to the bathroom alone and pees herself instead.

Well, it's too late to decide not to share them with you so we hope you can have a good laugh about our embarrasments.

Catch up with you guys next week!!!!!!!!!


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