Friday, 27 September 2013


Well, people. You are probably gonna think we went cheesy writing the most POPULAR TV shows but God knows those are our bests.

Are you wondering yet?


What about now?

Okay, dom't try and find and kill me because I'm starting.

Or am I?(Okay, I literally can't stop this.)

#5 90210

Okay, so I don't know if you know but 90210 is the zip code for Beverly Hills.
*spoiler alert* The TV series take place in BEVERLY HILLS! I know you haven't guessed that so don't lie -.-
So this TV series is about a brother and a sister who used to live in Cansas and moved to Beverly Hills. This is the story of them growing up and it is the story of a great friendship.
There aren't enough words to tell how amazing it is and yeah. You'll be bored in the middle of it(like Di) but don't stop watching it (like Di). When you finish it, it'll be totaly worth it. Ce almost started crying in the middle of writing this because she finished it already. She will watch it again... Probably when she retires but that counts -.-

#4 The Vampire Diaries
Well, let's face it. It's a bit weird of us to be watching this because as you know(if you don't know, check our... Every other post to understand that we are deep haters) WE HATE TWILIGHT.
Actually, to be honest, Ce doesn't watch it but she'll start... Probably after finishing 90210 for the second time...
Apparently, it is good because Di doesn't do anything but good(Yeah, Ce hopes she'll read this and give her a hug or something)
Ce doesn't watch it but all anyone do is to talk about this so she knows the story. Two brothers, one good and one bad per usual, and one girl who doesn't know which one to choose. Yeah, end of story. She is stupid apparently. Of course the bad one, Damon... I guess.
P.S: We love Delena if I am not wrong(And by 'we', I mean Di.)

#3 2 Broke Girls
It is ON. This is like one of Ce's favourite TV series and it is ON FIRE (not like the girl on fire because that would remind me of Katniss which will make me cry and here I am, crying in a room alone. Damn.)
It is about a millionare's daughter who just became broke(It's not like one of those cheesy stuff: Daughter chooses love over money. No. It is not it. You'll have to watch it to find out.) and a girl who've been broke her whole life. After they meet, they decide to make their dream come true and then, you HAVE TO WATCH IT. It's the most fun TV series(Yeah, even more than How I Met Your Mother because HIMYM is a bit emotional sometimes. I am not saying 2 Broke Girls is feelingless. I am just saying there aren't any episodes that are JUST funny and no episodes that are JUST emotional. It's a mixture.)
You won't understand before watching it so just go watch the first two episodes and you will FALL IN LOVE WITH IT!

Close to the top 1 so you should be excited. If you're not go hang yourself but don't leave a suicide note saying we told you to. We don't want trouble.
Nor your death so easier solution: Don't hang yourself.

So, okay. This is like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! THERE IS A MOVIE COMING OUT OMG OMG OMG! Enough of fangirling.
*clears throat*
So this is a TV series which has been popular since 1963(it's first episode's release date)
It is a fantstic TV series(In both ways. It is both Fantastic Type TV Series and it is fantastically amazing.) Start watching it and keep on even if you get bored. Just like 90210, all those great episodes will cover up for the ones that you don't like. JUST... WATCH IT.

*drum roll*
And here we are, time for THE BEST.

Now the thing is, this is going to be ending so soon and it's a reason to cry. It is an amazing TV Series that thought us a lot, while giving us a fun time. IT IS THE BEST. People tried to beat it with new sit-coms but stop trying. YOU WILL NOT COME UP WITH ANYTHING BETTER. NOBODY WILL GO ON WATCHING THE TV SERIES  EVEN WHEN YOU GO CRAZY JUST BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE CHARACTERS OR THEY WANT TO MEET THE MOTHER.
OMG,did I just say that. Well obviosuly I did so here it is...

Okay, from here to anyone who'll be reading this. You guys, will be missed. Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders but most importantly, Neil Patrick Harris, YOU WILL BE MISSED.
It is obvious that it is the story how someone(in this case Ted Mosby) met his kid's mother. But don't think this is just a story. It is a life story that teaches you a lot. It is a friendship that even Ce and Di (GREAT FRIENDS) are jelous of. It is something that you'll totally regret if you don't watch it. It is nothing like that cheesy TV series Friends(don't kill me but it's a bit too old for young people.)
Seriously, punch me in the stomach if you don't like it(People who've been to understood.)

We hope you'll try them and enjoy them and stuff but even if you don't like them, let us know the ones you love and we'll try them.

Thanx already.

See you next week, unless you hung yourself. Then I guess see you in heaven bro. I respect you though, for reading this crap.


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