Monday, 25 November 2013


Okay, so I don't know if you follow us on Twitter(if you're not then do Twitter )but I promised I'll be posting something for our 700 pageview and we reached it TODAY.
And I had been having post ideas but I was too busy, but because I promised, I'm starting one now.

So, this is not going to be all at once. You are going to have to wait.
FYI, this is not a count down. Do not think we adore one less than the other.

Let's start.

1- EMMA BLACKERY(Emma's Channel)
She is an English vlogger/musician and she is completely awesome. She is a complete inspiration and all though she is a little dick sometimes, it's the reason we love her.
She is something like 22 and please don't start to sing Taylor Swift's song after reading that.
Her videos are mostly just about daily life crisis and she is really young which means she is the fit for young people like us.
She has suffered depression and she does her best to help people avoid this problem in lots of ways. She makes lots of videos about depression and feeling bad about yourself and how you can go through it. She even has a song about it: The Promise and it is an awesome song that makes you feel better.
And she is not just a girl helping depressed people, she is one of the most funny YouTubers I've ever seen. She is really good and I look forward for her videos every single week.
She is never behind the fashion. She changes her channel a lot, and I mean in the good way. She has more channels than one but only one is main and she tries to put a video every week.
I am not one of her friends but I feel like one. If you need a friend, she is the one for you. Not that we need friends 'cause we've got each other, but Emma is a really important thing in my life.
And what makes her even better is that she knows what she is capable of and what she is not and she is happy with herself. Even though people think her teeth is bad, she loves them the way they are and so do I. It's like her signature. A part of herself. Without it, she'd be a different person(I'm not saying a whole other person but if she gets rid of them, she won't be the Emma I know. And Emma, if you're reading this, don't take it the wrong way. I love you and you are an awesome woman. It'sjust your identity. I love your identity.)
And at last, she taught me to be confident about myself and she made Di and Ce laugh several times. She is pretty amazing and all thanks to her, I know who is worth it and who is not.
Long live Emma.
Long live.

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See you a while later, maybe at 10K pageviews.
Love y'all.


P.S: If you liked this series and want to see a spesific woman, let us know. (
And, for your information, I think we'll be able to post a few more weeks until we turn back to our busy schedule. More of these posts probably, but I promise, after this school year is over there'll be short LIFE UPDATE posts and you are going to laugh because we laughed when we lived them.
So I guess we'll see you next Friday.

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