Friday, 29 November 2013


Okay. This is a mini-series kind of thing and there'll be 8 more of these but this one is really nice because we really love her and she is an awesome woman and I think it's worth sharing.
You may not know her but she's pretty amazing.
I'd like to remind you, THIS IS NOT A COUNT DOWN.


She is a British actress and we love seeing her on TV. We met her with Doctor Who(as Clara Oswin Oswald, the souffle girl) and we loved her ever since.

Told you, damn hot.
She is a damn beautiful actress but that's not the only thing. Especially after seeing how good she acted on Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, it is really hard to forget. She is funny whenever she needs to be and the scene she cried about Gallifrey(Doctor Who stuff) made Ce love her even more.

It's really hard to describe someone and not be like Wikipedia but Jenna is different. I seriously can't think of anyone who could play Clara and rock it the way she does. People were ready to hate anyone who comes because they wanted Amy and Rory back but Jenna made us to love herself.

She is amazing and she cares about her job. She missed out on college to do a TV series and she is famous for that TV series. She can sacrifice which is pretty amazing. Not every one would skip university and the fun that it brings for a job. At least not before being sure it's not a dead-end thing.
Another reason we love Jenna is because she really fits  her character. You know those fake characters, right? Well she is not one of them. It's either about how great of an actress she is or how much she's like Clara. Either way, it's amazing.

So here's a Twitter acount you can find more stuff about her and learn about her, not our opinions: Jenna Twitter .
Here's her tag on Tumblr: Jenna Tumblr
And you can find many fun interviews here: Jenna YouTube

People, love her more than we do.
If that's possible.

Well, that's enough for this week. See you next week with another awesome woman or something else but I will see you next week.
Unless you think we suck, in which case...
You fat.
You ugly.
You fugly.
With all our love...


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