Friday, 6 December 2013


Decided to share something from a couple of months ago, so it sucks.
So, today I feel too lazy to write anything myself so I'll be sharing 3 quotes from a book that Ce is trying to write and I bet you'll hate them but anyways, I feel like sharing them.

1-This was a part Di said she enjoyed so here it is. 

 People think I’d stay at home than embrace my death and have to work until I die. But I can’t live a life where I’ll be thinking about when my parents will die and my situation is worse.
            My father is legally still mine, but he never shows up so if my mother dies, I’ll be in his control. I’d rather die.

2- I want to share this because I think this is an affective moment for my characters. It's the moment they recognise each other.

"Damian Meester. We are from the same troop." My heart stops as he says this couple of words.
Not because how he says it. Because the Damian Meester from our troop was lost 9 years ago, and was never found.

3- I really wanted to share this because for the sake of the story, this is a big moment. But, to see that, you should wait more for the book to be finished and of course, an editor should like it so it's never going to happen.

...that’s when I realise she already knew the answers, and knew the answers for the questions she kept to herself. That means, I cannot beat The Life Academy.
Not without getting beaten first.

As I said, this book being published is probably never going to happen but even if it doesn't, I promise to upload it online for people to see it, maybe every week one chapter kind of.

Hope you all enjoyed what I've written and hope you enjoyed the quotes.
Also, since it's a book, it would be MORE THAN AMAZING if you just told me what you think about it.
With all our love, see you next week.


P.S: I know the size of the letters don't match but I copied and pasted from a Word document and it messed it up. Sorry for that.

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