Friday, 20 December 2013


Yeah. It's the time of the week when two creepy girls share their stupid but true ideas about women.
Still-Not-A-Countdown Top 10 Women Series continues with a really awesome person that all of you will fall for this March. Why not let it be earlier?

So, Ce found out that she was going to portray Tris from Divergent while watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager(One of Shailene's most known shows. She was-as expected- the starring of that show and it was pretty good of acting) and was thrilled because Shailene is one of the best human beings ever. Shailene is really mature and she is a really good role model. She is beautiful and she has a great voice(Not as singing voice. As talking voice.)
Shailene is also very funny and you can tell that she is a really nice person and a great actress by just watching some videos of her.
Also, she just recently donated her hair and cut it off to play a kid with cancer. That is a big sacrifice to make. Just look at her in these pictures. It is really beautiful and she gave it up for her career and kids who lose their hair because of illnesses that should've never existed in the first place.
Now, it's time for some facts:
1-Shailene Woodley was diagnosed scoliosis. She had to wear a chest-to-hips plastic brace to straighten her spine.
2-Both of her parents had to do something with schools.(As in work in them. Not like having issues.)
3-She started acting at a very young age.
4-She had won loads of awards and she is soon going to become REALLY famous.

Here is her Twitter , go and see how wise she is by just checking out her Tweets.


Catch up with all of you next week.


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