Monday, 16 June 2014

June 16th, 2014. The Day Before Prom.

Promprompromprom. This is going to be my first prom ever and it is going to be... not magical.
All day I had exams-yeah, we have exams the week we are supposed to GRADUATE!!!- and rehearsal for the graduation and I found out I might not be valedictorian. I didn't really wanna give a speech about how amazeballs my life at this school was but I wanted to be valedictorian. Being a valedictoran is cool!!!
Anyways, it was just fun walking down for graduation as if I was walking down the aisle even though I wasn't. It was better than doing... nothing.
I'm not a sentimental person but this whole graduating and leaving friends behind is just so weird that I dunno what I'd be doing without these rehearsals and my TV series. Btw I'm open to recommendations as I am now, I am out of them.
Oh and yeah, prom is just gonna rock and roll and I have the dream-dress but there is this boy and he has to sit on a table where he is not wanted and they're going to call him amoeba which is just mean. I wanted him to sit on our table- since he is like hot and he deserves a great prom night- but I think it's not gonna happen for some selfish reasons. Whatever, I'll still be his stalker for the night just so he has fun :D
Really though, what else can I do? I tried.

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