Monday, 25 August 2014

Deep Breath

We all took a deep breath and watched the latest episode of Doctor Who and here's my review:

I don't get what people mean when they say "Vastra was mean to Jenny" nor when they say "Vastra flirted with Clara." because I don't see that. All I saw was Vastra's and Jenny's first on screen kiss which was kind of a big deal for them(and of course the LGTB community)!!!

Also, I think it's really funny that 12 has "attack eyebrows" when 11 had basically no eyebrows. I'm pretty sure they did not consider that when they casted Capaldi but it's a great point to be made and Moffat did not miss it.

We all saw Clara's beautiful mind again when she took a "deep breath" and faked her death(or being a robot) and now no one can underestimate her the way they did with Martha because she seemed to have feelings for the Doctor and is a fool for that reason. SHE AIN'T NO FOOL BITCHES.

Oh and everything about the dinasour was just fabulous. *fab dance*

Capaldi remembering bits of his old self and Moffat putting some past references was also great. Especially the "Times like this I miss Amy." part. That scene was rushed-as it should have been- but it was effective on ALL THE FREAKING FANDOM.

And OH MY GOD MATT SMITH'S CAMEO was just A-MAZING! It was unexpected and it gave us all a chance to say good bye and we needed that goodbye. Also him being all worried about his grey hair was cute because in the end, he chose that old men.

Also I know THE WHOLE FANDOM cried when Capaldi said "See me." because that was like sooooooooo not the 12th Doctor and it was emotional and it was when we actually all saw him.

The episode was so perfect that words can't even describe it. I know Capaldi is gonna do a great job as the Doctor and anyone who thinks he is too old can SUCK IT because he prooved us what old men can do.

Oh also he's Scottish so SHUSH no one can hate him.

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