Friday, 26 September 2014


Feminism is a word many are scared of. Well I am not because it's completely wrong when a girl can't  wear what they want because a boy would get distracted and not because it's cold and she'd get sick.

I personally never thought people were being sexist until I got into Tumblr and started seeing somethings clearer. My parents themselves had been sexist my whole life and I've only realised. They think it's okay for my brother-who is a boy as you guessed- to be fat but no one would love me-and I'm a girl as you guessed- if I was fat. They always simply assume I should learn how to defend myself in places with "people of all kind" rather than taking place in protests to stop those people of all kind be people of all kind. They should just be people, not rapist, not perverts and definetely not stalker drug dealers but no they are not the one who should get their shit together but I'm the one who should not go there or if I have to go, dress well not showing any skin.

And my parents aren't the only people who does this. There are much worse scenarios. A girl gets pregnant at 13 and nobody blames the rapist, she is the one who is the slut. And a 16 year old is pregnant and she is the school slut. No one ever even considers: maybe she wanted to start a family sooner than you wanted to. And the worst part is that, she is a slut for having sex at that age and getting pregnant, but the guy who got her pregnant walks around saying "I scored her!" and people cheer for him.

Women everywhere aren't allowed to work. Why? Are they any less capable? Are they any less than men who barely makes a living out of whatever they do. I'm not saying a woman can't be a housewife. I'm saying it should be her choice, not his, not their, not the society's. If she wants to be a lawyer, let her be because God knows she might be able to save a victim from going to jail better than a man would have.

Women everywhere are raped and called "sluts" for it. They say "She was looking for it." Other than being a person herself, she is a daughter, maybe a mother, someone's beloved, someone's sister. Lets put aside what she would feel because apparently some people think they don't get to feel anything. Lets put aside her as a human, could you all please take a minute to image how you would feel if your wife, your sister, your mother, your best friend, your valentine, your daughter was raped? It would be so terrible and you wouldn't even know what to do.

So explain me now, how can you say "She was looking for it." when you can't even bare thinking your sister in the same situation? It shouldn't matter what she was wearing because imagining someone naked is possible with all the clothes on aswell.

Women everywhere are being killed because they are born a girl instead of a boy, they are buried alive because having a daughter instead of a son is a shame?! I was born a daughter and I don't see why my parents should be ashamed of that. I'm a girl but I'm a person. I'm a person with imagination and wide perspective and emotions and I feel pain. I've never been buried alive but I can't even start to imagine the fear and the pain.

Women everywhere are paid less because they have a vagina as genitalia instead of a penis. Qualified women, talented women, hard-working women get paid less because they are women. I'm a woman and I am much more talented than many of my male friends, much more eager to work than any of them. How can I earn less money when I bust my ass off and he just lies around because of the type of genitalia I have!

Women everywhere can't take care of themselves in a relationship because their partner feels emasculated. Damn it, someone depending on you doesn't make you strong, it makes them weak. Why would anyone want a liability like that when a woman is just as capable of taking themselves?

I'm not asking for woman to be superior even some male friends of my think that would be right because girls are basically more clever for them. I'm asking for equality of sexes. I'm asking men to put themselves in our shoes, I'm asking them to understand what it's like to not be able to whatever you want because people are calling them menwhores and hating them for having sex-which by the way is a natural act- I want them to undertsand what its like to not be able to eat much because they're afraid of being lonely, not being able to live with the shame because they were raped or harassed. I want them to know what it's like to see your brothers killed because they were boys. I want you to live one month with the salary of a girl and see how hard it is. I want you to think how it would feel like if you had to depend on a girl because she likes it that way.

I want to be equal.

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