Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Guide to Get a Boyfriend

1-Ask your crush out.

I know it's not nearly as simple as it sounds, and I know it's reason enough to freak out but I did it, it was hard and it was embarrassing but I did it. It felt good to get it over with. It was good to know that he knew and it was upto him.

My way of telling was very complicated so I never really got an answer but after I told him, it didn't matter because I was so prepared for the big "NO!" that I got over him. You will too, at least the door will be closed forever and it's better than waiting forever.

And if he says "Yes." its the least complicated thing in the world. You don't have to think what he meant because he meant "Yes." He meant "I would like to try." He meant "You are not bad at all". And he meant that he wants to try. There is always a chance that he is playing with you, but it's something you don't really wanna think

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