Thursday, 13 November 2014


Love is a topic people will never stop discussing about. So here comes the thoughts of a girl who has never been loved but who loved deeply...

Love's description varies from people to people but for me, it's being selfish. For me, it's not being able to say "If he's happy with her, so let him." I do let him be but deeply, deep down inside a part of me wishes he was mine even though he is happier with her than he would ever be with me.

Love is not being able to say "No." It's losing yourself in promises you can't keep, it's making mistakes and learning from them but never really learning from them. Love is being able to forgive when the unforgivable mistake is made. Love is being unable to say "Fuck him." when he makes a terrible mistake. It's absorbing all the pain so the other person can feel happy.

I don't believe in true love. I believe the innocent love, the love you have for a second before you start making plans, before you seek ways to have him is true love. I believe that love stays true as long as you stay true to yourself. I believe true love is not lying to yourself about love.

And I don't believe in soulmates. I believe you adjust yourself to meet the other person's need and he does the same for you so in the end you become perfect for each other. You don't find the missing piece in your puzzle, you carve him to become that piece as you make space in the puzzle for it aswell.

Love doesn't last forever. It lasts as long as you are good. It lasts as long as you don't want to own them, make them a whole other person to fit your puzzle rather than adjust a bit aswell, make them feel like someone they don't wanna be.

Love isn't as crazy as it sounds. It's an emotion you can adjust to but being in love... That makes you crazy.

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