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Reply to: I Am A Mother Of Two Children And I Cannot (And Will Not) Support Feminism | Thought Catalog

I Am A Mother Of Two Children And I Cannot (And Will Not) Support Feminism | Thought Catalog
So there is a faggot in the internet once again making feminists look bad, so I am here, fighting for feminism as always. I wrote a reply and I hope this goes viral because somebody needs to explain feminism otherwise ignorant people believe articles like this.

Okay I read this shit completely and it’s shit so I’m gonna write a very long post about every fucking ignorant thing this shit says
Well for one thing, if you think feminism is against what you’re teaching your kids, then you’re probably teaching them the wrong stuff so stop teaching your kids because there are enough rapists in the society, we dont need your mess too.
There is no feminist agaisnt your boys carrying heavy things, asking girls out on a date, open doors or pay the bills. What feminism wants is that a boy doesn’t tell a girl that she is too masculine because she would rather carry her own grocery or she would rather hold the door for him than have her door opened. What feminism wants is that men don’t just ignore the possibility of love just because the girl asked him out instead of the other way around.
And every men is allowed to show their love with gifts and hugs and kisses. But men should know when to stop- if she doesn’t wanna be kissed then she shall not be kissed. That’s what you should encourage your sons to do, not just kiss a girl because they love her. 
And there is nothing on that video that says a boy can’t call a girl pretty. It just says that you shouldn’t label girls as “pretty” You should know that beneath that skin there is a brilliant human.
Girls want to be remembered as the brilliant girl, not the easy fuck. That’s what that video is about. It’s about leaving us the fuck alone when we want to say FUCK as loud as we want to. There is no such thing as “OMG YOU ARE A GIRL STOP SAYING FUCK”
And that campaign is against street harrasment. It has nothing against your boy coming up to a girl and saying “Hey, I’m [insert name here], want to have coffee sometime?” It’s about the actual DOUCHEBAGS who say “Daaaamn girl, look at that hot body” And if you teach your sons that it’s normal for them to go to a girl and talk no matter how they talk, then you’re teaching them wrong. Having a human conversation is always okay but STREET HARRASSMENT WAS NEVER OKAY AND IT NEVER WILL BE 
And I can’t say this enough. A GIRL CAN WEAR WHATEVER SHE WANTS, she can go out naked and no one gets to look at them. And people ask me if I wouldnt look at a naked man, and honestly I would. But the “looking at” thing has two meanings.  I would never sexualise a man if he was naked. I would look at him and think “What the fuck?!” then look away. I WOULD NOT THINK ABOUT FUCKING HIM AND NEITHER WOULD ANY OTHER GIRL I KNOW so all of you boys are allowed to do the same of course. But you should not get away with looking at their bodies as sex machines.
So yes, free the nipples because it’s human anatomy and there were times when men and women lived completely naked and didn’t always think about fucking one another.
Boys will be boys is actually only used for them breaking girls heart, looking at them sexual objects. LIE FOR GOD’S SAKE GIRLS FART TOO THAT’S NATURE HOW IS THAT “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” it should be “humans will be humans” And I’m not sure if you know the dress code exactly but if your bra straps are visible, then you’re either sent home or not excused to leave the class ot stuff like that. HOW IS SIMPLY WEARING A SHIRT THAT SHOWS YOU BRA STRAP IS NOT APPROPIATE FOR SCHOOL? WHAT IF I’M A “SLUT” HOW IS THAT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS
Actually some teachers explain it that way, they say we can’t wear those shit because the boys are distracted. Maybe I am attracted to legs. THEN I GUESS YOU’LL HAVE TO TELL THE BOYS TO EITHER CUT OFF THEIR LEGS OR WEAR PANTS EVERY SEASON. Or are you telling me his education is more important than mine? I THOUGHT SO
Seriously, easy girls? NO GIRL IS EASY, THERE ARE GIRLS WHO IS LOOKING FOR A FUCK AND GIRLS WHO ARE NOT. simple as that. Trust me, I can both be easy to get and hard as fuck depending on what I want. I am complicated and I won’t let anyone call my kind easy-not even the stupidest kind that they show in the movies.
Today an ex friend of mine(and I say ex because after hearing his opinions, I won’t even look at him again) said that girls could NEVER BE MINERS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT PHYSICALLY CAPABLE.
Well lets put aside the fact that woman would adapt within a few hundred years if men let us do the “hard” work and just focus on this: There are woman who are stronger than men- physically. How can they not work in a mine? HOW ARE THEY NOT CAPABLE? (thank god another boy in my class said “WHY DO I CARE WHAT YOU DO?” thats the way to look at it, if I wanna work in a mine you don’t tell me I’m incapable, you tell me I DO WHATEVER I WANT AND ITS NON OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS)
There are no limitations to genders. The only thing a woman can’t do-and they actually can do by changing genders- is having a penis and that is all. THAT IS ALL THAT WE CAN’T DO. And the only thing a men can’t do is have a vagina and continue mankind without the help of the other gender.
AND NO WOMAN DISRESPECTS MEN FOR BEING MASCULINE, the only reason we disrespect men is that they disrespect us. That they think we can’t be a miner or a doctor or a president. We disrespect men when they limit us.
We don’t ask boys to not value us because we don’t need men to feel valued. But it is as simple as this: Women can live  without men, they can continue the human species but men can’t do this, without woman. All I’m saying is that we will live without you but you can’t. That’s kinda why the society needs us, don’t make us turn our backs on you. Don’t make us those crazy bitches you think we are. You will be extinct without us. Remember this, MAN LITERALLY CANNOT LIVE A FEW GENERATIONS WITHOUT WOMAN
Posts like this is why feminists look like anti-men crazy bitches. You get us mad and when we show you every reason why we are better than men and ask for at least equal rights, you call us crazy bitches who hate men. We don’t hate men, we want equality.

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