Thursday, 19 February 2015


Everybody has headcanons but honestly, I've come to the point where I'm actually convinced they're real so here are some of those headcanons.

1-STYDIA(Teen Wolf)
Okay, so lets not deny the sexual tension there, shall we? They're together, they're in love, they're gonna end up together.

But really, their relationship is a little more than friendship, it might not be as much as Scallison's relationship but there is something. Their protectiveness of each other and the way Stiles look at her are such triggers for me, I can fangirl over them for years!
Okay here's proof you dont kiss a man you dont love like this

2-Callie Torres/Owen Hunt(Grey's Anatomy)
Obviously this isn't a common ship but it's really my headcanon. I love Arizona and all but they're obviously not working and Owen and Callie are sharing a lot of things and I can't help but ship them. Well maybe the way I shipped Mark and Callie, friends with certain benefits!

3-Mama Mccall and Sheriff Stilinski(Teen Wolf)
Lets just ignore the coolest fact that Stiles and Scott will be literally brothers and focus on the fact that Melisa Mccall and Mr. Stilinski looks SO good together. There's chemistry right there and I would love to see Stilinski hugging her and saying "Stiles' with him, don't worry." and all. And they went through the same mind fuck when they found out about the real Beacon Hills so I'm just gonna go ahead and say they have a bond and they're gonna get married.
End of discussion.

4- Bellarke (The Hundred)
Okay I'm not even gonna bother explaining it, if you watch the show and still believe that Clarke is meant to be with Finn, you are a blind moron.

And thats it for now but really please tell me you ship at least some of these too in the coments and tell me some of your OTP headcanons!

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