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Feminism Through Your Eyes #1

This is something I started on Tumblr, I asked for people to submit their ideas about Feminism to me and here are the responses I got:

"To me, feminism is equality of the genders. All genders, by the way, including trans and non-binary folks. I also think feminism should be for all, no matter the race, class, able-bodied-ness, sexuality or any other factor that might be discriminatory and I personally think feminism is needed because people of all those groups still face discrimination today. Many women are receiving more equality nowadays, but it’s largely white feminists and even those may be considered as having views that are too strong. 
I have had quite a few experiences of misogyny myself and, although I am young, I think I can say I’ve gotten good at spotting a misogynist. A few times, even when I’ve been with my family, I have been catcalled or shouted at and some people have come up to me and given me their numbers, which is pretty gross considering my age. I’ve also seen this happen to many of my friends and heard about it from them. 
One of the main experiences that pisses me off currently is my school’s uniform rules. If we have an own clothes day, we can’t show our shoulders or wear leggings. If we roll up our skirts, it’s considered inappropriate. We can’t even roll our socks above the knee because it’ll make an old man’s dick hard looking at an 11 year old’s legs. If ever we complain about the rules, people just say something like “it’s not really appropriate is it anyway? And, God, I think you’re blowing this out of proportion. It’s just a rule and they’re all there for a reason.”
I’ve also seen my brother get away with plenty of comments me and my sister would never get away with. He’s pretty misogynistic himself and has made his fair share of rape jokes in his time. But it’s not just him. I hear plenty of girls at my school say similar things. Oftentimes, they aren’t as bad, but I still hear ignorant comments about a girl’s sex life or something similar. "

Robyn-United Kingdom-15

"When we're talking about feminism people instantly think of feminazis and think feminisim is not a good thing. But if people could see what real feminism is they wouldnt think that way. Feminism is equality between two genders. Feminists dont see women as a superior race. Feminists say that if a man can wear shorts when it's hot without getting raped so can women. People keep saying that women shouldn't wear mini skirts and shouldn't be showing her bra straps because men will be provoked. Sorry but it's not our fault, blame the weather and try not raping us. All men sexualise women and when feminists say what they are doing they just deny what theyre doing and blame feminists for understanding everything wrong. Shut up, we have brains and they are obviously working better than yours. We, women are men, are equal. All the differences between us are vagina, boobs, penis and the way we pee. I will wear whatever I want and you cant rape me. I shouldn't be afraid of provoking a man because he is a dumbass if he is provoked by just seeing straps. 
And it's not women's job to take care of everything. Women do the laundry, cook, do the cleaning, do the dishes, look after kids while men just watch their precious football matches laying on the couch. Women are not your slave or maid. You can make your own sandwich and you can do the dishes if you want. Just get you ass off the couch.


"My submission here is kind of a mix of why feminism is needed and where I’ve felt men and women aren’t equal. 
So, the church that I go to can be very sexist sometimes. We have this family proclamation thing that basically says that women are for nurturing and family care while men are the ones who will provide for the family. 
And then the people in our church seem to think that way too. Classes are separated on Sundays and Wednesdays. There’s a class for grown men, a class for grown women, a class for teenage guys and a class for teenage girls, all separate. The only time we mix is the big first preaching thing and children’s classes. Sundays aren’t as bad, but the classes are very different for grown ups. The men sit there and listen to the lesson, then leave. The women do the same, but the women also instill a lot of crafty things, homemaking, stereotypical housewife things. It’s the same in the teenage classes that I’m in. All I hear every class it seems is how we need to prepare to be wives, to be mothers, to be homemakers, to be nurturers, etc. Meanwhile, the guys just get told how they need to prepare for a mission they might want to go on, if they go at all. 
And then there’s Wednesday youth activities. The guys have normal lessons, play sports and games, etc. The girls do crafts. We make picture frames or sew pillows. Twice now we’ve cooked dinner for the guys and they’ve done nothing in return. They get to have fun, while we have to learn “homemaking.”
I’m not saying that being a homemaker is bad or wrong. If you want to do that, that’s great! It’s your choice, and that’s what’s important. That’s the issue here for me. It doesn’t feel like I’m getting much of a choice. Of course it’s ultimately my decision what I want to do, but my church shoves these ideas of being a mother and a “good wife” down my throat all the time. What if I don’t want children? What if I don’t want to get married? I ask these questions a lot in class and tell my teachers how I don’t really want kids, and they all say the same thing. “Oh, you’re too young to decide.” Then they’ll start talking about how great being a wife and mother is. 
Sorry, getting off track. Anyway, like I said, there is nothing wrong with being a mother and a wife. It’s a very important job that requires a lot of responsibility. I’m just not up to that task. All I want is a choice. I want equality in my church. I don’t want to hear that all I have to look forward to is marriage and children. I want to hear how to prepare for being an adult, for dealing with the world. I want to hear what the guys hear, which is getting the lesson and hearing how to prepare for a mission, if I ever decide to go on one. I want to be able to make my own decisions without feeling like I’ve let down or disappointed those around me and/or not living like I’m supposed to. I want men and women to be able to do each other’s stereotypical jobs without it being weird. I just want us to be equals. "


This is just the beginning, more people will submit and I will publish them as I get them only on Fridays so don't forget to check this blog every Friday for new opinions! Discussions in the comments are always welcome!!!

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