Friday, 27 March 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #3

This is the third post of my Feminism Project. Submit your ideas about feminism to me here and leave a comment about what you think about this post!

"This post is about the feminism project and about how i almost got raped because of the way i dressed.
Three days ago, i went to my driving lesson class. There were a lot of guys, and i was the only girl in the room. I don’t know them personally, but i see them all the time, and they have always seemed nice. I heard two guys talking about me and making fun of my clothes ( i was wearing high socks under my jeans) but i just ignored it. A moment later, one of the guys came to sit beside me and began making small talk. I pretended I was listening and he began fake flirting with me. I just ignored it again, but then he took my glasses off “to see the real color of my eyes” and tried to slip his hand in the hole in my jeans (i was wearing ripped jeans, but they didn’t show skin). I pushed him away, and he went to sit to his previous seat. When the lesson was over, I went to leave but the guy stood between the door and me. He said he wanted to have babies with me. I asked him to back off and he did. I left my class and began walking home alone. At first, I noticed two guys, including the guy from before following me, but I thought it was a coincidence. After 10 minutes they were still following me, and they started to call my name. I began walking faster and so did they. They said they wanted me to wait for them “because they wanted to tell me something very important” and also they “wanted to have fun with me”. I began starting even faster until I found a crowded place. When I turned around, they weren’t here anymore. I am writing this post because I am tired of girls being judged and harassed because they don’t wear clothes boys want us to. I am tired of looking back everytime I am walking alone. That’s why we need feminism."


"One time at my school we had a public speaking competition and we had a judge come in from the neighbouring boys school, my friend delivered an amazing speech on rape culture and how it is never the girls fault. This male judge then after her speech proceeded to say something along the lines of “this is why your parents send you to an all girls school, it is to make you traditionally feminine, mild and meek and kind, you need to carefully think about the image you portray to the world, a lot of this by what you wear” this was completely the opposite of my friend’s speech. It disgusts me to think this man teaches, his views could be passed on to the hundreds of boys at his school. That’s why we need feminism"


"Well what can I say about feminism? It will always be needed, as people think of feminism as a bad thing. People hear the word feminism and act as if you’ve just said that you’re a nazi or something. Feminism is all about equality for men, women and all genders inbetween. However in the real world it’s not that simple. Girls are, traditionally, expected to sit there and look pretty, whilst doing all kinds of housewife duties and looking after children. Guys are, traditionally, expected to go out and earn money to keep the house. Some guys still believe that they get a say in what girls get to do in life. This is particually still used in very devout religious families. Arranged marriages are still a thing in the 21st century. Girls as young as sometimes 8 are made to marry guys 30-40 years and sometimes older than them. And this is all treated as a business transaction, girls can be used as a form of money. If that doesn’t horrify you then well, I don’t know what to say.
Once when I was abroad with my family, when I was about 8, my mum and dad were offered 10 camels so I could marry this guys 2 year old son. This was only a joke but I was genuinely scared that this would happen. Of course my dad went along with the joke after he found out racing camels were worth more. But it was only a joke, and yes this was 11 years ago, but I’ve not forgotten about it. The fact that this happens now and it isn’t a joke really scares me.
On to dress code in this day and age, girls will be sent home from school for wearing shorts that are too short, and while the school says its not suitable for a working environment, and yes sometimes the shorts are ridiculously short but sometimes they’re not because boys will be distracted. Why should girls have to forfit their education for that day because guys will get distracted. Sometimes girls only have their shoulders showing and they get sent home. I know this happens in America only because of what I’ve read from people who live there, but what guy looks at a girls shoulders and gets distracted. None. Is it because their bra straps may show? Cause if they do so what, most girls wear them, who cares? 
I have also been told off for something that I didn’t do cause I was a girl. When I was about 9/10 years old, I was messing around with my cousins (who are boys) at my great grans house. A lot of my family were there and we accidently made a loud bang. (I think we were messing around with the stairlift or something). We were called into the living room where I was told off for making this loud bang cause I could have broken something. Now the thing was, I didn’t do it, and my cousins owned up and said it was them, my gran didn’t believe it was them. All my family who were there kept saying that my cousins were telling the truth and that they wouldn’t lie about it. But my gran didn’t believe them either, all because she prefered boys.
So why do we need feminism? This is just a small reason why. There is still a lot I haven’t mentioned."

Lauren-19-United Kingdom

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