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Feminims Through Your Eyes #5

Here's the fifth and latest post to my feminism project. You can find all the details here and get in touch with me by sending emails to me in the following adress:

"I believe feminism is so very important because of so many things. Feminism is not just about equality for everyone, it’s so much more than that. Feminism is body positivity, consent and awareness of sexual assault and the vicious cycle of rape culture. It’s a general positivity and acceptance of anyone: man, woman, or anything in between.
it makes me so sad when people say “Be a man, man up, you can’t have emotions.” These things are so harmful to men and is a result of misandry and the belief that showing emotions is “womanly” which therefore makes it a bad thing.
I think feminism is important to paving the way to a more perfect society, though it is just plain stupid to believe that a utopia could exist. If everyone could be equal, I think life would be so much better. 

I also think this blog is a great idea as it will start conversations, and hopefully introduce people to new ways of thinking and points of view. I think feminism has a bit of a stigma attached to it, and hopefully, with the right discourse and everything else, this will be a great tool for everyone to understand what feminism is really all about."

Bailey Smith-Orton - Alberta Canada

Because my grandfather’s response to my sarcasm shouldn’t be “A lady doesn’t talk like that.”
Because, when I mention wanting to set rapists on fire, my father tells me to think of something “more peaceful, like flowers.”
Because I shouldn’t have to wear skirts to cut down on sexual harassment due to my body type.
Because my school’s section on dress code has three paragraphs for girls, and two sentences for boys.
Because their education is “more important” than ours.
Because random men shouldn’t tell me to smile more “because it makes me look prettier.”
Because I am told to be ashamed of my body, to cover it up.
Because my little brother (who is eight years old) tells me I need to shave my legs, that the hair is disgusting.
Because my best friend, the smartest and most incredible person I know, will have to work twice as hard to succeed in her career field.
Because I shouldn’t be disliked because I beat all of my classmates on a military aptitude test “encouraged for boys.”
Because ‘No’ apparently doesn’t mean ‘No.’ 
Because West Virginia lawmakers  just put limits on abortion.
Because people shouldn’t assume that ‘Just because she’s a girl’ she can’t shoot a gun.
Because my parents shouldn’t disapprove of my little brother wanting to wear a skirt.
Because I’m tired of seeing teenage girls shamed for getting pregnant, and no one says anything about how it’s her partner’s fault, too.
Because boys should be held accountable for their actions.
Because rapists should face the consequences, and not excused. 
Because victim-blaming should be a thing of the past.
Because everyone deserves to feel like the beautiful being they are.
Because femininity shouldn’t be seen as weakness.
Because nail polish shouldn’t have to be used to test for date rape drugs in a drink.
Because people think there’s something wrong with me when I say that I never want to have children.
Because “I’m just going through a phase” when I say I don’t want to get married.
Because breastfeeding children in public is frowned upon, but Victoria’s Secret can display their ads anywhere and no one bats an eye.
Because we still ask “Who wears the pants in the relationship?”
Because girl hate and competition needs to stop.
Because Black Widow is more to the Avengers than a pretty face.
Because people also assume that girls don’t like to watch the Avengers because of Scarlet Johanson. 
Because if a girl is moody or angry, it’s because “She’s on her period.” 
Because my classmates refuse to acknowledge the concept of a woman president. (“How can you trust something that bleeds for a week straight and doesn’t die?”) 
Because my mother feels that once she gets older and less pretty, she’ll be nothing.
Because I shouldn’t have to be afraid of groups of boys while in public places.
Because my church pastor shouldn’t have told me to “Sit like a lady” when I was ten years old.
Because when I open a magazine, most of the pages shouldn’t be advertisements or articles offering me advice on how to become “more beautiful.”


"Feminism is important because we protect women who can’t protect themselves."


Keep submitting guys, this project has been going on for some time now and I've gotten more submissions than I ever even imagined of but we still need more to get the recognition this subject needs!

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