Friday, 3 April 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #4

Here's the fourth and hopefully not last post of my Feminism Project. Don't forget to keep submitting stuff to me from this link and if you want more information on the topic here's where you can find some. Don't forget to leave your comments on this post and reach out to me from this mail adress:

"So I live in the UK, Scotland to be precise, and my school has a mandatory uniform. This is a white/black shirt, red and black tie, black cardigan/jumper/whatever, black trousers for boys and a black skirt and tights for the girls. Seems legit so far? Well, recently, people (mainly girls) have been wearing leggings and black jeans. I’m sort of opposed to leggings (as they look kinda trashy - but if you want to wear them go ahead), but I was one of the girls who had been wearing black jeans. I’d been weraing then for about 7 months when our headteacher suddenly announced on a Monday morning, without warning, that if any girls (and I repeat, girls) were found wearing black jeans or leggings then a letter would immediately be sent home to parents. This caused a large outcry, and the explanation we were given was that the jeans were “distracting you and other students from work”. Now, I don’t know about you, but personally, I find that wearing a skirt is one of the most distracting things I’ve ever experienced. You’re constantly worried that people can see your ass; you have to fix your shirt every waking moment so that it’s tucked in - none of this happens with jeans. Due to this ridiculous error of judgement, a couple of friends and I booked an appointment with our headteacher (a woman) to discuss the matter. She told us, no word of a lie, that she had noticed boys looking “inappropriately” at girls in jeans and that this meant that they were not as focused on their schoolwork. Because they were choosing to stare at girls’ asses. In the hallways. This was the girls’ fault. And we had to be punished. At least, that was my school’s view on the matter.
Thought this might be an interesting discussion starter for the blog, it definitely has been at school. Oh, also, once in my art class my teacher had been having a really stressful day and one of her bra straps had slipped out from her shirt. The next day, the school recieved a complaint from a boy in my class saying that “he couldn’t focus on his artwork” as the strap was “unconcealed and in full view of young, impressionable boys”. I’m so done with this school."


"Feminism = Equality
I want to start this off by saying things that feminism is not. Feminism is not:
- hating men

- believing women should have greater power than men

- girls believing they should rule the world

Now, I believe feminism is equality. Explaining to people what feminism is can not be more difficult and I think explaining it by just saying “feminism is equality” really explains it easily to people. Women deserve equal pay, equal job offers, and most importantly equal respect. As I had just changed for gym I was walking down the hallway and there was a group of guys looking at a mural that was a shadow of a girl volleyball player and the group of guys kept telling the painter (a girl actually on the volleyball team) that she needed a bigger butt. I was so pissed that I ranted to them about how sexual using women was not okay. Of course they all just played it off as if they did nothing wrong. Sexualizing women like those men specialized the painting is disgusting and makes women feel uncomfortable and actually also makes me feel uncomfortable as well."


"Feminism is really important because people use 'like a girl' as an insult. Here's an amazing video that really changed my opinions on that (x) "


"It is a basic human right that everyone is treated equally before the law, and not just before the law. No matter what "differences" (although, come on, what differences are there when the genetic differences are so small so as to be negligible?) we share, you are to be treated the same as the person next to you. And it's about time we recognised that."


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