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Feminism Through Your Eyes #6

Okay guys, this is the sixth and latest post of my project Feminism Through Your Eyes. For more information go to this link and if you want to submit something here's where you can do it. If you wanna submit me something via mail(its a lot easier, if you ask me-and much more anonymous if you wanna be-) my mail for this project is:

"In all honesty, first and foremost it is necessary to say that I was- without even realizing it- very sexist. But when I joined tumblr, I actually learned a lot of things, sexism and feminism among them. 
I didn’t know that there still is a huge total of women who get paid less than men for the same job.
I didn’t know that even in ‘supposed’ advanced and free USA for example rape culture is a very real thing and victim blaming is a very real thing.
I didn’t realize how bad black women, trans women of any color, women in Africa and Asia have it.
I didn’t know how expensive birth control is in some countries, how expensive necessary hygiene products are in some countries.
I hadn’t realize how much ridicule feminism experiences from a lot of men.
But since I joined tumblr I feel like I actually see what really is going on out there. So many women shared their abuse and assault experiences, I got to talk to some of them. I think it is unbelievable that a women, in this day and age, can still be blamed for being the victim of rape. It is never a woman’s fault, ever. I want my hypothetical future daughter(s) to grow up in a world where they can feel safe at parties or outside at night. I want my female friends to feel safe. I want any woman anywhere to feel safe.
Feminism isn’t about empowering women so they are ‘above’ men.
Feminism is about treating women with the respect and dignity any human being deserves. And THAT’s why I, as a man, fully support feminism and why I will keep supporting feminism."


"Emma Watson recently made a speech for gender equality in the UN and was – obviously – met with praise as well as slander. A website was set up that threatened to leak her nude photos to the public. She was mocked and abused on online forums. However, is fighting for equal rights that bad? She was right when she said that in today’s society, people think that feminism is synonymous to misandry, and when someone stands up in favour of feminism, they are resented. Watson’s speech was also one of the most men inclusive feminist speeches ever made.
In situations where men are called responsible, women are called bossy. Where men are called a lady’s man, women are called sluts. “It’s kind of a double edged sword isn’t it? Well, if you say you haven’t, you’re a prude. If you say you have you’re a slut. It’s a trap. You want to but you can’t, and when you do you wish you didn’t, right?” This famous quote from 1985’s The Breakfast Club holds true even today. Women seem to have slept their way into a high job. They are afraid to acknowledge their sexuality. They have to deal with catcalls, judgments, derogatory remarks, objectification and the impossible standards society has set for them with Photoshopped models. They always seem to do things, such as going to the gym or dressing up, for men. They are accused of being on their periods when they appear emotional. They are all expected to stay at home, cook and clean, and be obedient homemakers, which is not wrong, but not what every woman wants. They are called ‘butch’ when they are involved in sports. In this way, men are also called 'girls’ when they are involved in something females are expected to do, such as sewing or shopping.
Women have a perpetual fear of being raped, which is why we are made to carry around pepper spray and learn self-defense. Rape is more often than not the victim’s fault, especially if the victim is a female. Either she was wearing 'revealing clothes’ or 'she led him on’ or something else. Forget about the person who ruined her life, because they didn’t do anything wrong.
Just as bad as that is rape of men, who are scared to admit it to anyone for fear that their insecurity is revealed. This proves why everyone who is not given their rights needs feminism.
Today, words like 'pussy’ and 'girl’ are thrown around as insults to men who appear 'weak’ or cry. Is being a girl so horrible that the mere word is used as an insult? Always launched a campaign called #LikeaGirl’ where they asked adults and then young girls to do things like running or fighting 'like a girl’. The adults ran feebly, whereas the young girls were full of confidence and energy. Without realizing it, the adults were reinforcing a negative stereotype, whereas the girls had not yet learned that being a girl was a 'bad’ thing. The three-minute video revealed how society portrays and influences children about what it means to be a girl.
Therefore, this is why everyone – not just women – needs feminism in their lives."

"I think everybody is equal so feminism is very important cause it's about gender equality. I think almost every problem is caused by inequality so the main goal of all humankind should be equality! " 


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