Friday, 10 April 2015

Why I Think Meghan Trainor's Lyrics Aren't Good?

 I will divide this into 3 and I will talk about all three of her singles. (I know she has other songs, listened to them and I have nothing against her music. It's catchy, it's just a little problematic)

1-All About That Bass

I just just say, I am also "all about that bass" I'm not a skinny person, if anything I'm much fatter than Meghan herself so please don't confuse what I'm 'bout to say with protecting myself and putting down "fat girls" because that's not what I'm doing.

This song is clearly trying to give a good message. The message is even in the song "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top" Good job Meghan.

Except that when you say "Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches 'hey', no I'm playing I know you think you're fat" you don't just call skinny people "bitches" you also basically make fun of all the eating disorders that there is.

Not every skinny person thinks they're fat and trust me, almost non of them are bitches. And yes, this song is basically about overweight people feeling better about themselves but does it really reach it's aim when you preach overweight girls and hurt skinny people's emotions? There are skinny people who are too skinny and would rather weight more and isn't it really insulting when you just generalize all skinny girls, call them bitches and just assume that they want to be skinnier?

Another thing, good job Meghan's mother trying to make your daughter feel good about herself, you apparently managed it and it's much better than what my mother is capable of but I'll stop you right there.

What her mother did was amazing, as I said but when you write a song that you know will be heard by at least one teenage girl who doesn't have a "big booty" , it is wrong to put a lyric saying "boys like a little more booty to hold at night"

It's the wrong message to send to the people who don't have a booty and lets just forget about that for one second and focus on the fact that it basically says you should physically look the way a boy would like you better. Meghan's mother might have done a good job, it might have made Meghan feel better but honestly if my mother told me that, I would tell her to shut up and that I don't lose or gain weight accordingly to a boy.

Now think of all the young girls out there who listen to this song, modalize Meghan and think that they should have a big booty so boys can love them.

That's just wrong.

2-Lips Are Moving

Okay lemme just say this, I know what Meghan is trying to mean when she says "I know you're lying 'cause your lips are moving" but come on that's just mean. It's not problematic but mean in a funny way.

3-Dear Future Husband

The first thing is that there shouldn't be rules to gain your love. Just sayin'

"I'll be the perfect wife, buying groceries, buying what you need" So you are basically saying that it's a woman's job to buy groceries, take care of the house work and do all the stereotypical lady work? It's what these lyrics tell me anyways. (And yes I realise she says she won't cook which just proves that she is controversial a little)

"Even if I was wrong, you know I'm never wrong." SERIOUSLY? This just gives the message that men must apologize and just boost women's egos. I'm a girl and even I can say that it's bullshit. If you really want a healthy relationship you need to stop expecting him to take all the steps and apologize if you are wrong. There is no such thing as I'm never wrong and yes I REALLY love to be right too but after the relationship has reached marriage level, you need to learn how to apologize sometimes even when you're not even wrong. It literally gives all it's listeners this message: "Gurls, don't apologize. Make him be your spacegoat because that's what men are made for." As a feminist who believes in gender equality, I think this message is a really dangerous idea and will lead to a lot of failed marriages.

"Don't have a dirty mind, just be a classy guy." First things first, a person can have a dirty mind and still be classy. I have a dirty mind but I am still classy and honestly my "dirty mind" might help me in my relationship in the future. It's okay to have a dirty mind, it makes the relationship much more passionate. If he's not a complete asshole, it's okay to have a dirty mind and sending the exact opposite message isn't okay.

I know I was extremely judgemental but the point of this post was that. I definitely love her music(not necessarily her) but some of her lyrics are really problematic and since her crowd is basically all the naive young girls, it's important that people realise that some of these things are just wrong and should not be taken as good advice, maybe just as good ryhme.

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