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Feminism Through Your Eyes #8

This is the 8th post of Feminism Through Your Eyes Project. It's mindblowing how well the project took off, I honestly thought three of my friends would write something and it would be over but this is going so well. I hope you enjoy reading these! Please keep them coming. Here's where you can send in your submissions. You can find more information right here. You can also send in submission via my mail adress:

"I need feminism because my grandmother told me that women should not aspire as high as men. She told me that women are meant to do chores while men provide for the family. When I questioned this, I was reprimanded and told that “that’s just the way it works.”
I need feminism because my family got mad at me for talking about the inequality between the two genders. He said that the bible teaches women to submit. He questioned my faith in the same religion because I was standing up for women’s rights.
I need feminism because I was told by my uncle that if I were to ride the public train wearing something revealing, I was “asking for trouble” and anything that happened to me would be “my fault.” I’m 15, and these things were told to me before I understood the concept of feminism. Women should not be taught that they should accept the treatment just because “the world works that way."


So, I was talking with my friend about feminism the other day, when she said:
“I’m not an angry, man-hater, though. I’m not that kind of feminist.”
I understood what she was trying to say, but all I could think was: “Why aren’t you angry?” I’m angry. I am very angry.
I’m angry that some girls are anti-feminist, because they believe it’s about misandry and female superiority, when by definition it means equality among the sexes.
I’m angry that I can’t walk home alone after the sun goes down, because I’m afraid I’ll be attacked.
I’m angry that men with lesser qualifications for a job have a greater chance of actually being hired, because they are male.
I’m angry that I still make 70 cents for every dollar that a man makes, and that women who aren’t white make even less than that.
I’m angry that I feel obligated to apologize all of the time.
I’m angry that when I’m walking down the sidewalk or through the mall or anywhere, I’m expected to move out of the way when a group of men, or just one man, walks past me.
I’m angry that if I were to assert myself like a man, I would be seen as “bossy.”
I’m angry that if I were to stand up for myself and what I believe in, I would be seen as a “bitch.”
I’m angry that I am called “entitled” and “stuck up” for not being interested in a man that I am not sexually or emotionally attracted to.
I’m angry that when I take my sexuality into my own hands, I’m seen as a “slut” or a “whore.”
I’m angry that magazines tell me how perfect I am, then proceed to talk me into things that could make me better.
I’m angry that the fashion industry thrives on cutting down women’s self-esteem and trying to sell them things they don’t need.
I’m angry that guys think it’s okay to harass me at parties even when I’m clearly uncomfortable.
I’m angry that I can’t put my drink down at parties, because there’s a strong chance that it could be drugged.
I’m angry that men think they are entitled to my body.
I’m angry that men feel like they can’t wear clothing or participate in activities that are inherently feminine.
I’m angry that doing something “like a girl” is an insult.
I’m angry that not only am I expected to be thin and toned, but not too toned, because muscles are not ladylike.
I’m angry that I’m expected to look like a sexy movie star.
I’m angry that men are expected to like sexy movie stars.
I’m angry that women are still cutting each other down, because we believe that it’s the only way to survive and appear more attractive.
I’m angry that it’s degrading to be female.
I’m angry that a large portion of the population believes that feminism is unnecessary, because, women have equal rights. I mean, we have the right to vote.
So, yeah. I’m angry. And, if that makes me an angry feminist, then I don’t want to be anything else."

Here's where I got this last submission with permission of course.
I hope ya'll enjoyed it and as I said keep them coming! I don't have a lot of submissions left so unless I get some new ones, this project ends. Please send in your submissions even if it is just a sentence because it's worth it.

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