Friday, 15 May 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #9

Unfortunately due to the lack of submissions, there was no post last week. From now on, I'll be filling in every Friday,in which I don't have enough submissions, with a silly lil post about books I've read, movies I've seen or other big stuff happening in world at that time.

Here's the ninth and latest post of Feminism Through Your Eyes Project. You can submit your ideas here or send me a mail to . You can find more information here. Feminism is such an important topic and the project was doing so well until the last week. Please keep submitting, it's really important!

"Maybe I have something. Maybe I do have rights. Maybe I was born into a family who respected me and taught me about my rights. Maybe I’ve never been sexually harassed or assaulted. Maybe I don’t need to be liberated. Maybe, just maybe, I don't need feminism. 
But the eight-year-old girl who died after internal bleeding from sex with a forty-year-old does. (source)
But the toddler molested by an adult and blamed for it does. (source)
But the thousands of English female doctors, lawyers, teachers, and CEOs receiving less pay then their male counterparts do. (source)
But the Pakistani woman stoned to death by her family does. (source)
Maybe I was lucky. Maybe I have what I need. But so many people don’t, and so many people need them.
And that is why we need feminism."


"I am a feminist because there are men out there who think women don't masturbate or shit or fucking have their periods."


"i am a feminist because my uncles still walk me home even though i live down the street from them and i’m almost 15 when they wouldn’t do that for my cousins who are guys and 3 years younger than me
i am a feminist because my mom tells me i will never be taken seriously in the professional world unless i wear make-up
i am a feminist because my teachers pass the football players and not the volleyball players
i am a feminist because the people who work at nike say only boys feet should stink and not girls
i am a feminist because my mom doesn’t get paid as much as other male teachers
i am a feminist because my sister always gets second chair in band just because she’s a girl
i am a feminist because people still take being called a girl as an insult
i am a feminist because i am expected to always look nice and presentable everywhere i go
i am a feminist because my cousin didn’t get her promotion because the manager thought she’d “ruin the reputation”, even though she’s done more for the business than all of her male colleagues
i am a feminist because my dad still thinks that all women belong in the kitchen
i am a feminist and i fight for gender equality."

Due to the lack of submissions, this project might go on an indefinete hiatus. To stop this, keep sending submissions and remember: every word counts.

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