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Opinions on Carrie: The First Movie, The Second Movie and The Book

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Btw this is not gonna be in chronicle order. It's gonna be a complete mess.

*spoilers: duh?*

Previous couple of weeks, I've been obsessed with Stephen King, his beautiful and scary mind and Carrie-which basically isn't even scary but very chilling. So this weeks post is going to be about this story about a very strong young lady whose life was just a mess.

First things first, the first thing you notice is that Carrie is supposed to be ugly. And unlike the first movie, in which Carrie does look creepy and awkward and ugly, Chloe Moretz is a fucking beautiful queen and the least they could do was use some makeup to actually make her look ugly because honestly there is no reason why people hate Carrie because she is just amazing in the second movie.

The book is supposed to be a horror book, so you would assume that the movies would be scary too. But the truth is the second version of the movie is more of a high school adventure instead of the crazy scary shit that it is. The first movie scared me a lot though, mainly because of the way Carrie was walking around the street with such wide eyes omg I shitted myself there.

After watching both the movies, I can say that the first movie was very true to the book(except for some tiny parts I will tell in this post) and the second movie was very true to the first movie but definitely not true to the book. Since we have better CGI effect right now, I assumed the second movie would be much better, much bloodier, more explosions and all that but instead it was like an adaptation of the first movie and it was very poorly made because when you delete some parts of a movie that has already deleted some parts of the book, you get almost nothing out of the book. You get me?

And I know it's happier this way but Carrie is supposed to destroy the entire fucking town and everybody is supposed to be the saddest people alive. But instead, in the movies almost everyone survives and there is no destruction in the town. I expected death, I expected to be so worried for those people's lives in the movie that I would be on the edge of my seat. But instead I got a Carrie walking down the street killing Chris and Billy only when she was supposed to kill them all.

Which brings me to this: If I did not skip some pages(which I'm pretty sure I did not) CARRIE DOES NOTHING TO CHRIS AND BILLY'S CAR OR ANYTHING TO KILL THEM. I swear to God I basically read the entire book to see that lil bitch and her abusive boyfriend die and they didn't. Their deaths in the movie was similar but like wtf did that even happen in the book? I thought they went to their houses, lived happily ever after lol okay maybe not that but I'm pretty sure they did not die.

Okay, one little other thing: What makes the book so great is that it's written in a very unique way. It starts with Carrie's life and there are excerpts from other books about the things that happened on "the Night of the Prom" and you're always going like "OKAY WHAT HAPPENED" but the movie doesn't really give that to you and I know it's hard to do that but they could have parts of "documentaries" like they had in Interstellar and it would have been so much better.

Honestly though Stephen King's mind both scares me and excites me. This book is so very beautifully written I just want to hug it at night but it would be a very strange book to hug at night so yeah... Maybe I shouldn't do that.

One other thing, in the book it's implied that Sue Snell is pregnant but honestly that last baby scenes in the second movie is just wrong and completely made up and since it's the FUCKING FINALE you expect it to be true to the book. Honestly those scenes are the only scenes that are actually scary and it's all fake. Imagine my disappointment... Oh and also in the first movie she isn't even pregnant not even a little bit nope no no no

The way Carrie kills her mother in the book is breath taking, if you ask me. It's pure genius. Stopping her heart by TK powers, I mean that's just clever. But in both the movies her death is brought to her by Carrie's knife throwing which isn't as clever. I realise that they wanted to show us how Mrs. White died and that would be much harder if it was via heart stopping but it would have been much stronger of a scene so that was a disappointment aswell.

And Mrs. White is very shiny in the first movie. She smiles and has fun and stuff before we see her dark side but she is not supposed to be like that. She is supposed to be completely creepy and weird which second movie "Momma" is more of but I also think Julianne Moore's portrayal of Momma is too dark and twisty and friggin scary. I suppose that's what it's supposed to be so congratz Julianne, you scared me. *round of applause*

One general thing that disgusts me is ChrisxBilly relationship. It's not because it was poorly played or anything but it's just really abusive and I know that was what King was going for-probably- but that still disgusts me. Chris is just so stupid because literally nothing she does makes even the slightest sense to me...

And WTF THE TOMMY CARRIE KISS IN THE FIRST MOVIE? Tommy is supposed to be in love with Sue NOT CHEAT ON HER like that is literally the shitties part of the movie it's so wrong and completely out of the point gosh wtf?

And oh my God another very funny and general thing is that the closet in the second movie is too fucking cosy and comfy like for God's sake she is supposed to dread going there but honestly I would go to that closet in my free time just to sleep and stuff. That closet is better than Harry Potter's closet and Harry lived there. This one's just for prayin' for God's sake(no pun intended)

Let's come to Ms. Desjardin. 1-She isn't supposed to be as nice of a lady as she is in the movies. She is supposed to not like Carrie just like everyone else in the school because Carrie and her mother is just so weird. and 2- OMFG SHE FUCKING DIES IN THE FIRST MOVIE she is supposed to survive that's the entire point of the book. The only people to survive are people who didn't have any ill will for Carrie and Ms. Desjardin dying just fucking ruins that completely. 

Let's talk about the disasters that happens inside the gym. In the book, Carrie leaves and does everything from the outside and there is literally 0 tables flying. But then we watch the movies and she uses fucking tables as murder weapons. Like wtf? I get that you're trying to be cool and stuff but it's never cool to not follow the book.

Also in both the movies Sue comes to see that Chris will drop a bucket full of blood and Ms. Desjardin stops her from doing anything at all but like what the fuck Sue is nowhere near the school when all that shit goes down which is basically why she lives like okay? Okay.

I guess that's all. I said a lot of terrible shit about the book and only a few very good, so don't get me wrong. I made a post about the book only because it is one of my favourite books of all times. I just saw a lot of flaws in the movies and as I said I love the book so that kinda made me sad and a lil angry so I pointed out everything that I was able to found (at least all that I can remember)

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