Wednesday, 10 June 2015


So guys IT'S SUMMER at least on the Northern Hemisphere it is and today SCHOOL ENDED FOR ME and I won't have school for the next 3 months so I just wanted to make a post about summer in general and how my life will be during it and what you should expect.
So two weeks after today, I'll be going to Austria and Germany with my family. I plan to shoot the places I go and then talk about the places when I come back home and publish it here or maybe even on Youtube so you guys will definitely be in the know. I'll most certainly make a post about how it was like there and stuff too. Like a city review or what-so-ever.
And then I think 2-3 weeks after I return from this trip, I'll be going on an exchange programme, once again to Germany. I'm so anxious about this because even though the girl I'll be staying with is super sweet and amazing and will be doing a lot for me, we'll have to communicate in German which is not my strong suit. Anyways, I'll try to shoot stuff there too, and maybe even write a piece but I'm at the mercy of my exchange sis so i dunno if I'll be able to write. I will definitely write something about the trip when I come back though.
And I think that'll be it for travelling but in the meantime I'll be working out as much as I can to lose the extra pounds. If I can keep myself on track, I'll be fit before the school year starts. 
I will also be studying German-I might even make another post about how to learn it- and hopefully the exchange programme will help.
Oh also I'll try fasting for the first time this Ramadan so yay me *more like starving me*
And lastly, this summer I hope to manage to get some money off this blog so I can finally buy myself a MacBook. Probably will remain just a dream though.
This was a weird post that was way too much about me but this is what you should expect out of me. There will almost certainly be posts about fitness and Germany and German and all that so beware.
Also if you want to help me with my aim to buy a MacBook, share my blog with your friends and don't forget to click on the ads. Thanks a lot for the support and stay rad!

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