Friday, 3 July 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #10

After a sad break, here's another Feminism Through Your Eyes post. You can find more information about the project here and if you don't want to submit via Tumblr, you can use this mail adress to reach me:

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"I have to say I am always very surprised when i hear stories about people getting sent home for the clothes they’re wearing.
In my school, that’s never really been a problem. Technically, we’re not supposed to wear shorts and tank tops, but nearly everyone does and we don’t get in trouble for it. I have seen a teacher tell a classmate of mine to cover up because she was wearing a top and you could see her bra. But like, I said, it’s not really a problem.
So again, it always surprises me when I see pictures of girls and the clothes they’re wearing saying they had to change, because they are clothes that i’ve seen people wear in my school.
I also think it’s not right, to think that what a girl is wearing is more important then her education. Because, honestly, I am sure boys can control them selves if they see some shoulders or legs. I mean they’re shoulders and legs.Maybe I could understand if someone came naked to school but I can’t understand in this case.
Last week it was really hot where I live, and most girls (including me) were wearing shorts. I was sitting in the hallway and i heard these two girls talking about wearing shorts and I heard something really surprising. One of the girls said that she didn’t want to wear shorts because she thought it was provoking boys. I got a little bit mad, because I think most girls just wear shorts because we’re hot, and not because we want to make people mad. I also think girls should have the right to wear whatever they want to wear without having to think about what other people are going to think.
This annoys me because I have even caught myself thinking “I wonder if people are going to think this is too short” when I get dressed and I believe that we need to change things in society so people don’t have to think that way."


"People tend to hate Feminism because they don’t understand it. The idea of feminism is that male and female should have equal political, economic and social rights. I am a feminist and I think feminism is good because I’d like to live in a world where women can be strong, independent and be able to live the life they want to, where women do not have to follow conventional gender roles."


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Also, ps: There were no post last Friday due to my crazy schedule. There might not be posts some weeks because I'll be travelling a lot this year and I might forget to publish posts or I might not have time. Just know that all of your submissions will be published as soon as I can put them together in a post! (And don't be afraid to contact me if I haven't published your submission for longer than a month)

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