Friday, 17 July 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #11

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"I’ve been lucky to grow up in a pretty open minded family, and I grew up learning that men and women were equal. My dad and mum share the house work equally, there have never been jokes about “women who belong into the kitchen” and my brother and I both played with dolls and cars when we were younger. Even if I don’t agree with my parents in every position concerning feminism, I’m glad that we can at least have that conversation.
But lately I’ve been worried about my younger brother, who is now 17.
Just a few of the things i’ve heard him say over the past couple of months:
“Men and women already have equal chances. If women really wanted to go for higher positions, they would have the same possibilities as men”
“Women don’t have the right to complain about being oppressed as long as men still are drafted for a year of mandatory military service here in Austria”
(I was talking about my experiences with street harassment) “If a guy asked me for nudes and commented on my ass, I’d take it as a compliment”
“if there are special support programmes for women in economy or science, it’s reverse-sexism!”
You see, my brother usually isn’t the prick he seems to be from these statements. He’s actually a really kind guy, always helping others out if they have trouble with technical devices, an active member of our church by having his own kids play group, they all love him. I refuse to accept that my sweet little brother is turning into a misogynistic asshole.
So what do I do? Every time we start to have a discussion about feminism, I try to convince him of my points of view, but I lose, because he’s an eloquent little shit and I’m too shocked, that someone who grew up the same way I did, someone I love can say these things.
I don’t know why he is like that. Maybe it’s because he’s seventeen and has to rebel against his family. Kids from more traditional families go through their hippie / marxist / punk / whatever phase, trying to shock their parents by being as liberal as possible, but my brother, already coming from a very liberal family, has to shock and offend us by being as traditional and conservative as possible. 
I really hope it’s just that. I hope to see him grow out of that phase and become the feminist man I know he can be."


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