Friday, 31 July 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #12

This is the 12th post of Feminism Through Your Eyes Project. If you want this project to continue, please send in your submissions here.

"Everyone seems to see feminism differently. How I prefer to see it as men and women are both treated equally. Yes, people claim that is women are continuously treated equally but if you think about it, in some aspects, we aren’t treated as such. A perfect example would be in a public, private, or whatever school. The dress code seems to be alright for the guys (I haven’t paid much attention to it anyhow) but the girls are prevented from wearing so many different things. I’m short so if I wear shorts that are shorter than past my fingertips, provided I don’t go around acting all wanting attention, etc so it’s fine. However, my friends on the taller side could wear the same exact shorts and get busted for them. They will not be acting any different (they try to avoid attention) and the shorts aren’t too awful short on them. I just don’t understand. Same goes to the tank tops. Or even the shirts with a cut out design on the back. You can wear a tank top under the cut out shirt and still get busted for it. You wont even be seeing anything more so than with a normal shirt on. With the tank top, all you’d see is a bit more shoulder and I don’t understand it. It’s not like you’re parading around with hardly any of a shirt on. What I guess I’m trying to say is, it’s alright for guys to take their shirts off when playing sports, etc, but if a girl so much as wears a tank top and goes inside for a quick water break and a teacher sees her, she gets busted. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. (Although my school was usually pretty lenient on who wore whatever for athletics). "


"Feminism? I think it's when a woman is shown, portrayed or seen as just as important as a man. Because in the society womenare treated like this. MIS-treated. They are treated like less then people, sometimes they are perceived as objects. This isentirely wrong. This should stop. Right here. Right now. We need feminism, both males and females. Guys need to know, that we are able to deal with things just like them (sometimeswe perform even better, but it depends on factors like skills and knowledge). That we are nothing less, that we should betreated with respect.Equality should exist not only as a word, an abstract form or an idea, but as a realistic concept in our societies. We areconstantly jugding ourselves - our mood, words, behaviour. We can change these. But can we change sex? Of course we can, butonly a small percentage of socity is not transphobic. When it comes to becoming the other sex, I realised something. When a girl or a woman dresses, behaves, IS like a guy, she is liked. Maybe not worshipped, but seen as better. Because MEN areBETTER. What a fucking bullshit. And how it goes in case of male-to-female transitions? Men are 'degrading' themselves toposition of women. And this is shameful. But equality doesn't exist. When it comes to sex most popular are condoms and birth control. While guys are using protection only when they want to have sex, but they don't want any consequences and pay less, females have to be on the pill all the time. Which costs ton of money. Another thing are products for people with vaginas - pads, tampons. Another pile of cash. And don't forget the infamous pink tax. Things for women are more expensive and less practical. Clothes have less pockets?  I cannot be practical. Ihave to be beautiful. I must be pretty.How about shaving? Body hair was associated with power since the very beginning. So why men with enormous beards, hairy legsand chests are pround of themselves, while girl with few visible hairs in the armpit is considered as the one who doesn'ttake care of herself? This is a paradox. The only hair women can have are eyebrows in a perfect shape, and perfect locks orponytail. Or a bun. At kindergarten boys could laugh at us or be opposites of nice. Why? Because they are BOYS. I think this is not an argument, not a reason. And it becomes worse. You are angry? You have period. And a laugh from that guy. You are sad? Your boyfriend dumped you. Another laugh. You wear a dress or a skirt? There are catcalls, objectyfing looks. And questions like Are you going on a date? are frustrating to me. I am not complete without a male keeping me in the cage . And how is it possible, that when I see a handsome guy without a shirt or justwith his boxers on, I can sit still even though I want to have sex with him right on the spot? Or when I see another girlwith her perfect body I manage to look at her face when I speak with her and don't push my face into her neckline? It'salmost impossible to guys. They never remember the colour of my eyes. So where are they staring? Rape culture is another thing. I can't wear what I want. I may appear too inviting. Too slutty. And if he says 'Look, she isasking for it', there is nothing I can do. I cannot show my arms if there are not shaven or if there isn't insanely hotoutside. Nor my legs. I am not seen as a sexual being. My goal is to give THEM pleasure, not ask for something for myself.I am about to become a servant to my future husband, who will be the privileged one.And that's why I need feminism."

Marysia- 16

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