Friday, 24 July 2015

Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift Twitter Moment

         Before I start, I should say that I am a fan of Taylor Swift. I'm a hard core, loving fan of her.
        Now that I've gotten that out, I need to say that she made a mistake but if you ask me, her mistake wasn't taking a tweet that wasn't about her as if it was about her. The tweet was about her, since she is the only slim white female artist nominated for that category. Taylor's mistake was taking Nicki Minaj's poorly attempt to talk about the curly black artists not getting enough recognition fact as an oppurtunity to be an absolute white feminist. She should not have made a comment on this because Nicki Minaj, in fact wasn't trying to say something bad to her. Nicki was trying to call MTV out for their racism, but she did it so poorly that things got messy.
        Taylor's other mistake was calling Nicki to the stage if she won. That's not an apology and she did something she needs to apologize for.
        But let's look at this from the other side. In my opinion, what Nicki is trying to point out is not a real problem. At least not this year. 4/5 artists in the category are black. 2/5 artists in the category are female. These are good numbers, if you ask me. And Nicki Minaj may think that the reason she didn't get nominated had something to do with her body image or her race, but chances are that it didn't get nominated because the people who decides the nominations didn't think it was worthy of an award. I am with the board on this. Anaconda music video does not deserve an award, in any way. That's just me though.
         Another mistake Nicki made was favouriting tweets that called Taylor a "cunt" There is no accepting that. It's something she did that she absolutely needs to apologize for. Taylor said "I've done nothing but love and respect you" in her tweet and Nicki replied saying she felt the same way. It's not feeling the same way when you start favouriting tweets that is purely hating on Taylor. And I really believe that Taylor would have apologized sooner if Nicki hadn't done this. Why should you apologize to someone who is openly favouriting tweets that hates on you?
         I believe that at this point, both of them needed to apologize because they both made mistakes. Taylor did apologize, and Nicki accepted it. I do realise that after this point she won't be apologizing, but that would have been cool.
         And on a last note, everybody needs to stop hating on either one of the women. They are human beings, they are allowed to fuck up. Forget and move on. Who's right and who's wrong doesn't really matter. Either way, what happened had happened. There's no taking back. You can't hate a person forever for one mistake they made-which is something our society does a lot- and that is what really has to stop.

P.S: Feminism Through Your Eyes posts will continue coming next week. I just had to make a post about this because it's just the biggest thing of the week right now.

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