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Feminism Through Your Eyes #13

There wasn't any posts for the last few weeks because I wanted to talk about other things and also I was on vacation and everything was crazy. But here is the latest post of my project Feminism Through Your Eyes. If you want more information about the project, check this out. If you want to contribute to the project, you can send me a submission here. If you don't have tumblr or don't want to use it to reach me, you can reach me via this mail adress: 

"Hey, so I know it’s not a huge thing to contribute, but here’s 'Fight Song' by Rachel Platten."


"I believe that feminism is the most important idea in every culture. I believe that educating women and supplying birth control to everyone who wants it, is so so so valuable. Feminism, to me, is needed in every culture, all the time. It should be so permeated into society that there isn’t even a question of if it’s valuable or not. 
These are a couple of my stories:
My most prominent experience over-sexualization was actually a couple weeks ago. I was in the library alone while my mom was in a job interview, and I noticed that middle-aged men kept staring at my chest or at my butt when I walked by. They didn’t even try to hide it and there was one man in particular who followed me around the library for a couple of minutes. It was so gross that I immediately took my book and placed myself in the children’s area where a bunch of women were playing with their kids because I was so uncomfortable. I’ve noticed grown men staring at me before, but that was the first time that I actually felt threatened by them. 
The dress code at my old school wasn’t enforced very much, but I remember one day in 7th grade when a girl in my Homeroom wore a slightly see-through shirt, and the teacher told her to go change, or she would call her parents to take her home. She refused and asked the teacher why she didn’t ask one of the boys (whose pants were basically round his knees) to pull up his pants so “she didn’t have to see his ugly crotch all the time.” She was then suspended, and the worst part is that I didn’t think anything of it. It’s disgusting that I used to think that girls being even slightly sexual was despicable. And I think that if I hadn’t joined this website two years ago, I would probably still think the same thing. That scares me. 
A couple months ago my friends and I were finally able to convince one of my good friends to break up with her boyfriend. He was pressuring her into sending nudes, and he even told her that if she didn’t have sex with him, that she was a bad girlfriend and he would break up with her because “he had needs.” He was seventeen and she was fifteen at the time. We all knew from the start that he was an awful person, but she “saw goodness in him,” or whatever. She finally broke up with him after she found out that he was cheating on her. What’s sad is to me is that it took him CHEATING for her to realize that he was an awful human being that didn’t deserve her or anyone else. "


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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Feminims Through Your Eyes #5

Here's the fifth and latest post to my feminism project. You can find all the details here and get in touch with me by sending emails to me in the following adress:

"I believe feminism is so very important because of so many things. Feminism is not just about equality for everyone, it’s so much more than that. Feminism is body positivity, consent and awareness of sexual assault and the vicious cycle of rape culture. It’s a general positivity and acceptance of anyone: man, woman, or anything in between.
it makes me so sad when people say “Be a man, man up, you can’t have emotions.” These things are so harmful to men and is a result of misandry and the belief that showing emotions is “womanly” which therefore makes it a bad thing.
I think feminism is important to paving the way to a more perfect society, though it is just plain stupid to believe that a utopia could exist. If everyone could be equal, I think life would be so much better. 

I also think this blog is a great idea as it will start conversations, and hopefully introduce people to new ways of thinking and points of view. I think feminism has a bit of a stigma attached to it, and hopefully, with the right discourse and everything else, this will be a great tool for everyone to understand what feminism is really all about."

Bailey Smith-Orton - Alberta Canada

Because my grandfather’s response to my sarcasm shouldn’t be “A lady doesn’t talk like that.”
Because, when I mention wanting to set rapists on fire, my father tells me to think of something “more peaceful, like flowers.”
Because I shouldn’t have to wear skirts to cut down on sexual harassment due to my body type.
Because my school’s section on dress code has three paragraphs for girls, and two sentences for boys.
Because their education is “more important” than ours.
Because random men shouldn’t tell me to smile more “because it makes me look prettier.”
Because I am told to be ashamed of my body, to cover it up.
Because my little brother (who is eight years old) tells me I need to shave my legs, that the hair is disgusting.
Because my best friend, the smartest and most incredible person I know, will have to work twice as hard to succeed in her career field.
Because I shouldn’t be disliked because I beat all of my classmates on a military aptitude test “encouraged for boys.”
Because ‘No’ apparently doesn’t mean ‘No.’ 
Because West Virginia lawmakers  just put limits on abortion.
Because people shouldn’t assume that ‘Just because she’s a girl’ she can’t shoot a gun.
Because my parents shouldn’t disapprove of my little brother wanting to wear a skirt.
Because I’m tired of seeing teenage girls shamed for getting pregnant, and no one says anything about how it’s her partner’s fault, too.
Because boys should be held accountable for their actions.
Because rapists should face the consequences, and not excused. 
Because victim-blaming should be a thing of the past.
Because everyone deserves to feel like the beautiful being they are.
Because femininity shouldn’t be seen as weakness.
Because nail polish shouldn’t have to be used to test for date rape drugs in a drink.
Because people think there’s something wrong with me when I say that I never want to have children.
Because “I’m just going through a phase” when I say I don’t want to get married.
Because breastfeeding children in public is frowned upon, but Victoria’s Secret can display their ads anywhere and no one bats an eye.
Because we still ask “Who wears the pants in the relationship?”
Because girl hate and competition needs to stop.
Because Black Widow is more to the Avengers than a pretty face.
Because people also assume that girls don’t like to watch the Avengers because of Scarlet Johanson. 
Because if a girl is moody or angry, it’s because “She’s on her period.” 
Because my classmates refuse to acknowledge the concept of a woman president. (“How can you trust something that bleeds for a week straight and doesn’t die?”) 
Because my mother feels that once she gets older and less pretty, she’ll be nothing.
Because I shouldn’t have to be afraid of groups of boys while in public places.
Because my church pastor shouldn’t have told me to “Sit like a lady” when I was ten years old.
Because when I open a magazine, most of the pages shouldn’t be advertisements or articles offering me advice on how to become “more beautiful.”


"Feminism is important because we protect women who can’t protect themselves."


Keep submitting guys, this project has been going on for some time now and I've gotten more submissions than I ever even imagined of but we still need more to get the recognition this subject needs!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #12

This is the 12th post of Feminism Through Your Eyes Project. If you want this project to continue, please send in your submissions here.

"Everyone seems to see feminism differently. How I prefer to see it as men and women are both treated equally. Yes, people claim that is women are continuously treated equally but if you think about it, in some aspects, we aren’t treated as such. A perfect example would be in a public, private, or whatever school. The dress code seems to be alright for the guys (I haven’t paid much attention to it anyhow) but the girls are prevented from wearing so many different things. I’m short so if I wear shorts that are shorter than past my fingertips, provided I don’t go around acting all wanting attention, etc so it’s fine. However, my friends on the taller side could wear the same exact shorts and get busted for them. They will not be acting any different (they try to avoid attention) and the shorts aren’t too awful short on them. I just don’t understand. Same goes to the tank tops. Or even the shirts with a cut out design on the back. You can wear a tank top under the cut out shirt and still get busted for it. You wont even be seeing anything more so than with a normal shirt on. With the tank top, all you’d see is a bit more shoulder and I don’t understand it. It’s not like you’re parading around with hardly any of a shirt on. What I guess I’m trying to say is, it’s alright for guys to take their shirts off when playing sports, etc, but if a girl so much as wears a tank top and goes inside for a quick water break and a teacher sees her, she gets busted. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. (Although my school was usually pretty lenient on who wore whatever for athletics). "


"Feminism? I think it's when a woman is shown, portrayed or seen as just as important as a man. Because in the society womenare treated like this. MIS-treated. They are treated like less then people, sometimes they are perceived as objects. This isentirely wrong. This should stop. Right here. Right now. We need feminism, both males and females. Guys need to know, that we are able to deal with things just like them (sometimeswe perform even better, but it depends on factors like skills and knowledge). That we are nothing less, that we should betreated with respect.Equality should exist not only as a word, an abstract form or an idea, but as a realistic concept in our societies. We areconstantly jugding ourselves - our mood, words, behaviour. We can change these. But can we change sex? Of course we can, butonly a small percentage of socity is not transphobic. When it comes to becoming the other sex, I realised something. When a girl or a woman dresses, behaves, IS like a guy, she is liked. Maybe not worshipped, but seen as better. Because MEN areBETTER. What a fucking bullshit. And how it goes in case of male-to-female transitions? Men are 'degrading' themselves toposition of women. And this is shameful. But equality doesn't exist. When it comes to sex most popular are condoms and birth control. While guys are using protection only when they want to have sex, but they don't want any consequences and pay less, females have to be on the pill all the time. Which costs ton of money. Another thing are products for people with vaginas - pads, tampons. Another pile of cash. And don't forget the infamous pink tax. Things for women are more expensive and less practical. Clothes have less pockets?  I cannot be practical. Ihave to be beautiful. I must be pretty.How about shaving? Body hair was associated with power since the very beginning. So why men with enormous beards, hairy legsand chests are pround of themselves, while girl with few visible hairs in the armpit is considered as the one who doesn'ttake care of herself? This is a paradox. The only hair women can have are eyebrows in a perfect shape, and perfect locks orponytail. Or a bun. At kindergarten boys could laugh at us or be opposites of nice. Why? Because they are BOYS. I think this is not an argument, not a reason. And it becomes worse. You are angry? You have period. And a laugh from that guy. You are sad? Your boyfriend dumped you. Another laugh. You wear a dress or a skirt? There are catcalls, objectyfing looks. And questions like Are you going on a date? are frustrating to me. I am not complete without a male keeping me in the cage . And how is it possible, that when I see a handsome guy without a shirt or justwith his boxers on, I can sit still even though I want to have sex with him right on the spot? Or when I see another girlwith her perfect body I manage to look at her face when I speak with her and don't push my face into her neckline? It'salmost impossible to guys. They never remember the colour of my eyes. So where are they staring? Rape culture is another thing. I can't wear what I want. I may appear too inviting. Too slutty. And if he says 'Look, she isasking for it', there is nothing I can do. I cannot show my arms if there are not shaven or if there isn't insanely hotoutside. Nor my legs. I am not seen as a sexual being. My goal is to give THEM pleasure, not ask for something for myself.I am about to become a servant to my future husband, who will be the privileged one.And that's why I need feminism."

Marysia- 16

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift Twitter Moment

         Before I start, I should say that I am a fan of Taylor Swift. I'm a hard core, loving fan of her.
        Now that I've gotten that out, I need to say that she made a mistake but if you ask me, her mistake wasn't taking a tweet that wasn't about her as if it was about her. The tweet was about her, since she is the only slim white female artist nominated for that category. Taylor's mistake was taking Nicki Minaj's poorly attempt to talk about the curly black artists not getting enough recognition fact as an oppurtunity to be an absolute white feminist. She should not have made a comment on this because Nicki Minaj, in fact wasn't trying to say something bad to her. Nicki was trying to call MTV out for their racism, but she did it so poorly that things got messy.
        Taylor's other mistake was calling Nicki to the stage if she won. That's not an apology and she did something she needs to apologize for.
        But let's look at this from the other side. In my opinion, what Nicki is trying to point out is not a real problem. At least not this year. 4/5 artists in the category are black. 2/5 artists in the category are female. These are good numbers, if you ask me. And Nicki Minaj may think that the reason she didn't get nominated had something to do with her body image or her race, but chances are that it didn't get nominated because the people who decides the nominations didn't think it was worthy of an award. I am with the board on this. Anaconda music video does not deserve an award, in any way. That's just me though.
         Another mistake Nicki made was favouriting tweets that called Taylor a "cunt" There is no accepting that. It's something she did that she absolutely needs to apologize for. Taylor said "I've done nothing but love and respect you" in her tweet and Nicki replied saying she felt the same way. It's not feeling the same way when you start favouriting tweets that is purely hating on Taylor. And I really believe that Taylor would have apologized sooner if Nicki hadn't done this. Why should you apologize to someone who is openly favouriting tweets that hates on you?
         I believe that at this point, both of them needed to apologize because they both made mistakes. Taylor did apologize, and Nicki accepted it. I do realise that after this point she won't be apologizing, but that would have been cool.
         And on a last note, everybody needs to stop hating on either one of the women. They are human beings, they are allowed to fuck up. Forget and move on. Who's right and who's wrong doesn't really matter. Either way, what happened had happened. There's no taking back. You can't hate a person forever for one mistake they made-which is something our society does a lot- and that is what really has to stop.

P.S: Feminism Through Your Eyes posts will continue coming next week. I just had to make a post about this because it's just the biggest thing of the week right now.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #11

After a sad break due to lack of submissions and my time, here's another Feminism Through Your Eyes post. You can find more information about the project here and if you don't want to submit via Tumblr, you can use this mail adress to reach me:

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"I’ve been lucky to grow up in a pretty open minded family, and I grew up learning that men and women were equal. My dad and mum share the house work equally, there have never been jokes about “women who belong into the kitchen” and my brother and I both played with dolls and cars when we were younger. Even if I don’t agree with my parents in every position concerning feminism, I’m glad that we can at least have that conversation.
But lately I’ve been worried about my younger brother, who is now 17.
Just a few of the things i’ve heard him say over the past couple of months:
“Men and women already have equal chances. If women really wanted to go for higher positions, they would have the same possibilities as men”
“Women don’t have the right to complain about being oppressed as long as men still are drafted for a year of mandatory military service here in Austria”
(I was talking about my experiences with street harassment) “If a guy asked me for nudes and commented on my ass, I’d take it as a compliment”
“if there are special support programmes for women in economy or science, it’s reverse-sexism!”
You see, my brother usually isn’t the prick he seems to be from these statements. He’s actually a really kind guy, always helping others out if they have trouble with technical devices, an active member of our church by having his own kids play group, they all love him. I refuse to accept that my sweet little brother is turning into a misogynistic asshole.
So what do I do? Every time we start to have a discussion about feminism, I try to convince him of my points of view, but I lose, because he’s an eloquent little shit and I’m too shocked, that someone who grew up the same way I did, someone I love can say these things.
I don’t know why he is like that. Maybe it’s because he’s seventeen and has to rebel against his family. Kids from more traditional families go through their hippie / marxist / punk / whatever phase, trying to shock their parents by being as liberal as possible, but my brother, already coming from a very liberal family, has to shock and offend us by being as traditional and conservative as possible. 
I really hope it’s just that. I hope to see him grow out of that phase and become the feminist man I know he can be."


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Friday, 3 July 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #10

After a sad break, here's another Feminism Through Your Eyes post. You can find more information about the project here and if you don't want to submit via Tumblr, you can use this mail adress to reach me:

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"I have to say I am always very surprised when i hear stories about people getting sent home for the clothes they’re wearing.
In my school, that’s never really been a problem. Technically, we’re not supposed to wear shorts and tank tops, but nearly everyone does and we don’t get in trouble for it. I have seen a teacher tell a classmate of mine to cover up because she was wearing a top and you could see her bra. But like, I said, it’s not really a problem.
So again, it always surprises me when I see pictures of girls and the clothes they’re wearing saying they had to change, because they are clothes that i’ve seen people wear in my school.
I also think it’s not right, to think that what a girl is wearing is more important then her education. Because, honestly, I am sure boys can control them selves if they see some shoulders or legs. I mean they’re shoulders and legs.Maybe I could understand if someone came naked to school but I can’t understand in this case.
Last week it was really hot where I live, and most girls (including me) were wearing shorts. I was sitting in the hallway and i heard these two girls talking about wearing shorts and I heard something really surprising. One of the girls said that she didn’t want to wear shorts because she thought it was provoking boys. I got a little bit mad, because I think most girls just wear shorts because we’re hot, and not because we want to make people mad. I also think girls should have the right to wear whatever they want to wear without having to think about what other people are going to think.
This annoys me because I have even caught myself thinking “I wonder if people are going to think this is too short” when I get dressed and I believe that we need to change things in society so people don’t have to think that way."


"People tend to hate Feminism because they don’t understand it. The idea of feminism is that male and female should have equal political, economic and social rights. I am a feminist and I think feminism is good because I’d like to live in a world where women can be strong, independent and be able to live the life they want to, where women do not have to follow conventional gender roles."


Keep your submissions coming, you guys!

Also, ps: There were no post last Friday due to my crazy schedule. There might not be posts some weeks because I'll be travelling a lot this year and I might forget to publish posts or I might not have time. Just know that all of your submissions will be published as soon as I can put them together in a post! (And don't be afraid to contact me if I haven't published your submission for longer than a month)

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So guys IT'S SUMMER at least on the Northern Hemisphere it is and today SCHOOL ENDED FOR ME and I won't have school for the next 3 months so I just wanted to make a post about summer in general and how my life will be during it and what you should expect.
So two weeks after today, I'll be going to Austria and Germany with my family. I plan to shoot the places I go and then talk about the places when I come back home and publish it here or maybe even on Youtube so you guys will definitely be in the know. I'll most certainly make a post about how it was like there and stuff too. Like a city review or what-so-ever.
And then I think 2-3 weeks after I return from this trip, I'll be going on an exchange programme, once again to Germany. I'm so anxious about this because even though the girl I'll be staying with is super sweet and amazing and will be doing a lot for me, we'll have to communicate in German which is not my strong suit. Anyways, I'll try to shoot stuff there too, and maybe even write a piece but I'm at the mercy of my exchange sis so i dunno if I'll be able to write. I will definitely write something about the trip when I come back though.
And I think that'll be it for travelling but in the meantime I'll be working out as much as I can to lose the extra pounds. If I can keep myself on track, I'll be fit before the school year starts. 
I will also be studying German-I might even make another post about how to learn it- and hopefully the exchange programme will help.
Oh also I'll try fasting for the first time this Ramadan so yay me *more like starving me*
And lastly, this summer I hope to manage to get some money off this blog so I can finally buy myself a MacBook. Probably will remain just a dream though.
This was a weird post that was way too much about me but this is what you should expect out of me. There will almost certainly be posts about fitness and Germany and German and all that so beware.
Also if you want to help me with my aim to buy a MacBook, share my blog with your friends and don't forget to click on the ads. Thanks a lot for the support and stay rad!

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Opinions on Carrie: The First Movie, The Second Movie and The Book

(This is a fill in for Feminism Through Your Eyes Project this week because I did not have enough submissions to post anything.(More info here)

Btw this is not gonna be in chronicle order. It's gonna be a complete mess.

*spoilers: duh?*

Previous couple of weeks, I've been obsessed with Stephen King, his beautiful and scary mind and Carrie-which basically isn't even scary but very chilling. So this weeks post is going to be about this story about a very strong young lady whose life was just a mess.

First things first, the first thing you notice is that Carrie is supposed to be ugly. And unlike the first movie, in which Carrie does look creepy and awkward and ugly, Chloe Moretz is a fucking beautiful queen and the least they could do was use some makeup to actually make her look ugly because honestly there is no reason why people hate Carrie because she is just amazing in the second movie.

The book is supposed to be a horror book, so you would assume that the movies would be scary too. But the truth is the second version of the movie is more of a high school adventure instead of the crazy scary shit that it is. The first movie scared me a lot though, mainly because of the way Carrie was walking around the street with such wide eyes omg I shitted myself there.

After watching both the movies, I can say that the first movie was very true to the book(except for some tiny parts I will tell in this post) and the second movie was very true to the first movie but definitely not true to the book. Since we have better CGI effect right now, I assumed the second movie would be much better, much bloodier, more explosions and all that but instead it was like an adaptation of the first movie and it was very poorly made because when you delete some parts of a movie that has already deleted some parts of the book, you get almost nothing out of the book. You get me?

And I know it's happier this way but Carrie is supposed to destroy the entire fucking town and everybody is supposed to be the saddest people alive. But instead, in the movies almost everyone survives and there is no destruction in the town. I expected death, I expected to be so worried for those people's lives in the movie that I would be on the edge of my seat. But instead I got a Carrie walking down the street killing Chris and Billy only when she was supposed to kill them all.

Which brings me to this: If I did not skip some pages(which I'm pretty sure I did not) CARRIE DOES NOTHING TO CHRIS AND BILLY'S CAR OR ANYTHING TO KILL THEM. I swear to God I basically read the entire book to see that lil bitch and her abusive boyfriend die and they didn't. Their deaths in the movie was similar but like wtf did that even happen in the book? I thought they went to their houses, lived happily ever after lol okay maybe not that but I'm pretty sure they did not die.

Okay, one little other thing: What makes the book so great is that it's written in a very unique way. It starts with Carrie's life and there are excerpts from other books about the things that happened on "the Night of the Prom" and you're always going like "OKAY WHAT HAPPENED" but the movie doesn't really give that to you and I know it's hard to do that but they could have parts of "documentaries" like they had in Interstellar and it would have been so much better.

Honestly though Stephen King's mind both scares me and excites me. This book is so very beautifully written I just want to hug it at night but it would be a very strange book to hug at night so yeah... Maybe I shouldn't do that.

One other thing, in the book it's implied that Sue Snell is pregnant but honestly that last baby scenes in the second movie is just wrong and completely made up and since it's the FUCKING FINALE you expect it to be true to the book. Honestly those scenes are the only scenes that are actually scary and it's all fake. Imagine my disappointment... Oh and also in the first movie she isn't even pregnant not even a little bit nope no no no

The way Carrie kills her mother in the book is breath taking, if you ask me. It's pure genius. Stopping her heart by TK powers, I mean that's just clever. But in both the movies her death is brought to her by Carrie's knife throwing which isn't as clever. I realise that they wanted to show us how Mrs. White died and that would be much harder if it was via heart stopping but it would have been much stronger of a scene so that was a disappointment aswell.

And Mrs. White is very shiny in the first movie. She smiles and has fun and stuff before we see her dark side but she is not supposed to be like that. She is supposed to be completely creepy and weird which second movie "Momma" is more of but I also think Julianne Moore's portrayal of Momma is too dark and twisty and friggin scary. I suppose that's what it's supposed to be so congratz Julianne, you scared me. *round of applause*

One general thing that disgusts me is ChrisxBilly relationship. It's not because it was poorly played or anything but it's just really abusive and I know that was what King was going for-probably- but that still disgusts me. Chris is just so stupid because literally nothing she does makes even the slightest sense to me...

And WTF THE TOMMY CARRIE KISS IN THE FIRST MOVIE? Tommy is supposed to be in love with Sue NOT CHEAT ON HER like that is literally the shitties part of the movie it's so wrong and completely out of the point gosh wtf?

And oh my God another very funny and general thing is that the closet in the second movie is too fucking cosy and comfy like for God's sake she is supposed to dread going there but honestly I would go to that closet in my free time just to sleep and stuff. That closet is better than Harry Potter's closet and Harry lived there. This one's just for prayin' for God's sake(no pun intended)

Let's come to Ms. Desjardin. 1-She isn't supposed to be as nice of a lady as she is in the movies. She is supposed to not like Carrie just like everyone else in the school because Carrie and her mother is just so weird. and 2- OMFG SHE FUCKING DIES IN THE FIRST MOVIE she is supposed to survive that's the entire point of the book. The only people to survive are people who didn't have any ill will for Carrie and Ms. Desjardin dying just fucking ruins that completely. 

Let's talk about the disasters that happens inside the gym. In the book, Carrie leaves and does everything from the outside and there is literally 0 tables flying. But then we watch the movies and she uses fucking tables as murder weapons. Like wtf? I get that you're trying to be cool and stuff but it's never cool to not follow the book.

Also in both the movies Sue comes to see that Chris will drop a bucket full of blood and Ms. Desjardin stops her from doing anything at all but like what the fuck Sue is nowhere near the school when all that shit goes down which is basically why she lives like okay? Okay.

I guess that's all. I said a lot of terrible shit about the book and only a few very good, so don't get me wrong. I made a post about the book only because it is one of my favourite books of all times. I just saw a lot of flaws in the movies and as I said I love the book so that kinda made me sad and a lil angry so I pointed out everything that I was able to found (at least all that I can remember)

Okay then, see ya'll next Friday (hopefully with a new Feminism Through Your Eyes post)

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Feminism Through Your Eyes #9

Unfortunately due to the lack of submissions, there was no post last week. From now on, I'll be filling in every Friday,in which I don't have enough submissions, with a silly lil post about books I've read, movies I've seen or other big stuff happening in world at that time.

Here's the ninth and latest post of Feminism Through Your Eyes Project. You can submit your ideas here or send me a mail to . You can find more information here. Feminism is such an important topic and the project was doing so well until the last week. Please keep submitting, it's really important!

"Maybe I have something. Maybe I do have rights. Maybe I was born into a family who respected me and taught me about my rights. Maybe I’ve never been sexually harassed or assaulted. Maybe I don’t need to be liberated. Maybe, just maybe, I don't need feminism. 
But the eight-year-old girl who died after internal bleeding from sex with a forty-year-old does. (source)
But the toddler molested by an adult and blamed for it does. (source)
But the thousands of English female doctors, lawyers, teachers, and CEOs receiving less pay then their male counterparts do. (source)
But the Pakistani woman stoned to death by her family does. (source)
Maybe I was lucky. Maybe I have what I need. But so many people don’t, and so many people need them.
And that is why we need feminism."


"I am a feminist because there are men out there who think women don't masturbate or shit or fucking have their periods."


"i am a feminist because my uncles still walk me home even though i live down the street from them and i’m almost 15 when they wouldn’t do that for my cousins who are guys and 3 years younger than me
i am a feminist because my mom tells me i will never be taken seriously in the professional world unless i wear make-up
i am a feminist because my teachers pass the football players and not the volleyball players
i am a feminist because the people who work at nike say only boys feet should stink and not girls
i am a feminist because my mom doesn’t get paid as much as other male teachers
i am a feminist because my sister always gets second chair in band just because she’s a girl
i am a feminist because people still take being called a girl as an insult
i am a feminist because i am expected to always look nice and presentable everywhere i go
i am a feminist because my cousin didn’t get her promotion because the manager thought she’d “ruin the reputation”, even though she’s done more for the business than all of her male colleagues
i am a feminist because my dad still thinks that all women belong in the kitchen
i am a feminist and i fight for gender equality."

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Feminism Through Your Eyes #8

This is the 8th post of Feminism Through Your Eyes Project. It's mindblowing how well the project took off, I honestly thought three of my friends would write something and it would be over but this is going so well. I hope you enjoy reading these! Please keep them coming. Here's where you can send in your submissions. You can find more information right here. You can also send in submission via my mail adress:

"I need feminism because my grandmother told me that women should not aspire as high as men. She told me that women are meant to do chores while men provide for the family. When I questioned this, I was reprimanded and told that “that’s just the way it works.”
I need feminism because my family got mad at me for talking about the inequality between the two genders. He said that the bible teaches women to submit. He questioned my faith in the same religion because I was standing up for women’s rights.
I need feminism because I was told by my uncle that if I were to ride the public train wearing something revealing, I was “asking for trouble” and anything that happened to me would be “my fault.” I’m 15, and these things were told to me before I understood the concept of feminism. Women should not be taught that they should accept the treatment just because “the world works that way."


So, I was talking with my friend about feminism the other day, when she said:
“I’m not an angry, man-hater, though. I’m not that kind of feminist.”
I understood what she was trying to say, but all I could think was: “Why aren’t you angry?” I’m angry. I am very angry.
I’m angry that some girls are anti-feminist, because they believe it’s about misandry and female superiority, when by definition it means equality among the sexes.
I’m angry that I can’t walk home alone after the sun goes down, because I’m afraid I’ll be attacked.
I’m angry that men with lesser qualifications for a job have a greater chance of actually being hired, because they are male.
I’m angry that I still make 70 cents for every dollar that a man makes, and that women who aren’t white make even less than that.
I’m angry that I feel obligated to apologize all of the time.
I’m angry that when I’m walking down the sidewalk or through the mall or anywhere, I’m expected to move out of the way when a group of men, or just one man, walks past me.
I’m angry that if I were to assert myself like a man, I would be seen as “bossy.”
I’m angry that if I were to stand up for myself and what I believe in, I would be seen as a “bitch.”
I’m angry that I am called “entitled” and “stuck up” for not being interested in a man that I am not sexually or emotionally attracted to.
I’m angry that when I take my sexuality into my own hands, I’m seen as a “slut” or a “whore.”
I’m angry that magazines tell me how perfect I am, then proceed to talk me into things that could make me better.
I’m angry that the fashion industry thrives on cutting down women’s self-esteem and trying to sell them things they don’t need.
I’m angry that guys think it’s okay to harass me at parties even when I’m clearly uncomfortable.
I’m angry that I can’t put my drink down at parties, because there’s a strong chance that it could be drugged.
I’m angry that men think they are entitled to my body.
I’m angry that men feel like they can’t wear clothing or participate in activities that are inherently feminine.
I’m angry that doing something “like a girl” is an insult.
I’m angry that not only am I expected to be thin and toned, but not too toned, because muscles are not ladylike.
I’m angry that I’m expected to look like a sexy movie star.
I’m angry that men are expected to like sexy movie stars.
I’m angry that women are still cutting each other down, because we believe that it’s the only way to survive and appear more attractive.
I’m angry that it’s degrading to be female.
I’m angry that a large portion of the population believes that feminism is unnecessary, because, women have equal rights. I mean, we have the right to vote.
So, yeah. I’m angry. And, if that makes me an angry feminist, then I don’t want to be anything else."

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