Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello Internet!

Hey there internet! We are two friends who decided to start a blog. Because we love writing. And you don't listen to a blog, you write it.
So, Di insisted on doing an "intro-thing" before we actually started posting. Here it is.
We will generally be posting about… well, more or less everything. Ce's brain is close to exploding with ideas, so we thought writer's block was impossible, and decided to post every Friday! Which leads us to… I don’t know, what does it lead us to?
I’m going to try not to make this a biography, because-believe me, I do-I know how irritating it is people writing about their favourite colours and stuff. Yet, if there’s anything you’d like to know about us, our blog, our favourite colours, or just how to solve maths problems, send us a nice little e-mail from know that’s not very creative of us, we were trying to be simple-so we can know what you want to know.
Trying to make a point in this post, I can say that we would be very-very-pretty-happy if you gave us a chance. We want you to know that we know that you know that we aren’t the best or most experienced bloggers in the world, but hey, we can be one day!
The question is if you’re going to be with us in the journey to that day. To be with us, or not to be with us. I bet Shakespeare was a blogger.
See you tomorrow, in our first proper blog post.

Ce and Di.
:D :D

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