Friday, 9 August 2013


Welcome, welcome to another Ce&Di regular Friday post. Today, we're going to announce the 
Top [add number here] Fandoms That Are Completely And Utterly Out Of Their Effing Minds

Please note: The research done to provide our readers this list was based on Tumblr.
Okay, on with the story.


Here we are, announcing the first f*cking crazy fandom. I guess you already now which fandom gets the first place here, folks.

1: The Mighty Supernatural Fandom

Yeah, Supernatural. Neither of us is in this fandom, but hey, they're f*cking huge. And crazy. So yeah.

True story.

And the second place is taken by...

2: The One And Only Sherlock Fandom

None of us is in this fandom either, but we're /Di's planning on starting Sherlock. Leave a comment if you think she should.
Anyway, we give the Sherlock fandom the second place because they have the ability of f*cking up Tumblr because of 26 seconds of the new series. *Applause*

Well done Sherlockians. Now is the time for announcing our third out-of-mind fandom. And it is...

3: The Doctor Who Fandom

Di is a Whovian! Yaay! And Ce is a Whovian! More yaay! Okay, serious... We're giving Doctor Who the third place because they also (Like Sherlockians) have he ability of filling Tumblr with Peter Capaldi, the fraction of a second he walked in on the BBC One live show. Bravo Whovians. (Btw isn't Capaldi, like, awesome?)

That said, we are moving on to the fourth fandom...

4: The Avengers Fandom
Let's face it, The Avengers is awesome. Like, seriously Loki, your army don't mean sh*t; we have Hulk. And Hawkeye. *looks at GIF* Oh, no Clint...

Yep. Now is the time for announing one of the most crazy fandoms... like all of the others. Yet again, here we go. A huge applause fooooor...

5: The Nerdfighter Community
Another we're-in-it fandom. Because the vlogbrothers are awesome and they're everywhere on tumblr. And the Nerdfighter community is basically John and Hank's personal army, as someone somewhere we don't remember put it. (WARNING: DO NOT read TFiOS. Just DON'T. DON'T. Tears are important for your well being. Don't.)

*Clears throat* Saw that warning? Good. Now, the show must go on, and so does the list...

6: The Hunger Games  (
Especially with Catching Fire coming out, the another we're-in-it fandom is all over tumblr. Nobody said it was bothering us. Like, seriously, THG easily wins the award of giving one the most amount of chills. Fun Fact: Di one day caught the last 3-ish minutes of the movie on TV, and she was screaming in her house, fangirling like a lunatic. Yeah, I think you realise how much we love this trilogy.

Yes, the sixth is also out of the way, so now we can continue with the eighth... 
I was testing you, you clever boy. Congrats for realising that seven comes after six. This one's for you:

7: Game of Thrones Fandom
Also known as A Song of Ice and Fire. If you ever thought, for one second, that this fandom wouldn't make it into the list-

Sansa spoke. She has the Stark fire, just like her dad... Remember when he was alive like all of your other favourite characters? Yeah, me neither. George R. R. Martin is merciless with the knife. And do you know who else is? Yeah you do.
The Queen.
J. K. Rowling.
My spider senses tell me you know what's next...

8: The Harry Potter Fandom
Guys, come on. Like, you probably don't know that Di is a die-hard Potterhead and Ce hates Harry Potter (Don't Avada Kedavra her, she doesn't like Twilight either; she's neutral. Plus, there's no need for going to Azkaban for using an Unforgivable Curse on an ignorant and innocent muggle.) but this fandom, is the gateway fandom. Check out this post to understand what I mean better.

Le 9th fandom:

9: Merlin Ex-Fandom (I'm just kidding don't kill me pleeeaaasseeee >.<)
Even though it's over, people, even though it's over... We liked it though, very much. Good job with keeping King Arthur alive, at least on Tumblr, Merlin people. *Dodges a tomato* Do I remember a scene like this? *Dodges another tomato* Okay, okay. I'm sorry for your loss. It is all of ours loss. *Tomato rain* Okay people sorry! Can you please stop the tomato thing? I hate tomatoes!!

Yes she does. I mean, Di does. She hates another thing too,

10: One Direction People
We're not a fan, but apparently a shitload of people are. And they're crazy. But we like the gif.


11: Homestuck... Fandom..?

Yeah we... don't really know what it is, but its people are everywhere and that's a cute gif, we like it too.
Continued by...

12: Da Lord of da Rings Fandom. Yeaaaa.
One does not simply spend a good five minutes on tumblr without LotR. Nor does one simply walk into Mordor.                  (<-- cute gif alert) 

And the last crazy fandom is... (not least, last; pay better attention next time.)

13: Disney
Have you realised the Disney madness all over tumblr? You know all the crossovers and stuff? All the Aw Mi God, Mi Holly Childhood posts? Yeah, me too. Or we too. Or us too... Wut? *facepalm* Grammar: dead.

Yeas, thank you people of the internet for joining us in this post. We hope to see you all soon. And by soon, I mean next Friday. OR you can see us on Tumblr too, if you are that eager. 


Anonymous said...

You should definatly watch Sherlock. And also, this fandom has ALWAYS been crazy. When A.C. Doyle killed him (Sherlock) off like 120 years ago, people were depressed and started protesting and wearing headbands. So yeah... We've pretty much always been like that

Anonymous said...

Homestuck is hard to define. To me it is a poignant analysis of life and death. To others it is a nonstop roller coaster of "the feels" controlled by a madman who has somehow mastered the art of "trolling". Whatever it may be, it is insanely awesome. Check it out -